Rohee accuses MMU of attempting to stir “civil unrest”


By Jomo Paul

gecom[] – The Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has once again come under fire from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) as the Party accused the Unit of being biased and attempting to create an air of civil instability in Guyana in the run up to elections.

Since its formation earlier this year, the Unit has released two reports in which it condemned several media houses and applauded others for the reportage on elections.

However, while it had noted some of the instances where statements made by politicians were deemed as “racially divisive” the MMU has made it clear that its remit does not involve the investigation of any person but rather the news reports emanating from local media.

But PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee told a news conference on Monday, April 27 that the MMU reports are “full of rhetoric and aimed at creating civil unrest in our country at such a sensitive period…such statements aimed at the PPP is tantamount to an attack on our democracy.”

Rohee is adamant that GECOM take full responsibility for the MMU and by doing so, vet all releases to the media before they are released into the public domain.

“The wild and loose attack on Former President Bharrat Jagdeo seems to be opposition driven and draws much comparison to Kaieteur News, iNews and Stabroek News attacks on Jagdeo. The MMU should not be allowed to be used as an Opposition mouthpiece and operate as a law onto itself,” said Rohee.

According to the General Secretary, the PPP seems to be a “bulls eye” for the MMU, as he noted that the Opposition politicians have not been reprimanded by the MMU.

“I don’t recall any specific statements being made by any specific leader of the PPP that one could adduce to contributing to the creation of tensions and hatred in our society…if there has been any of the sort I am sure the media would have picked it up and thought to milk it,” Rohee added.



  1. When I listen/read the comical/pathetic statements of Rohee, the “reverse backwards” statement of Ramoutar and Jagdeo comparing Jagan’s lifestyle to his (to jsutify corruption), I can safely conclude that calling them dunces is an understatement. Based on the comments from “Free” or whatever you call yourself, you fall in that group too.

    When I imply that someone is a dunce, i do that from evidence of their doltishness and not my personal dislike of them.

  2. I believe,Rohee always misses the point,even as Minister of Home Affairs.Almost all of the time,he doesn`t know what`s really going on there,that`s a square peg in a round hole.If they continue with their GUTTER CAMPAIGNING,they will always be upbraided by the MMU.He seems to know other peoples` business even more than his own,poor thing.

  3. This is indeed a serious twist as Rohee is accusing the MMU of GECOM as whipping up racial tensions. It is his overseer – one Bharat Jagdeo who not long ago at the burial ground at ‘Babu John’ and elsewhere made very racist remarks and yet Rohee could not dare to admonish Jagdeo because he (Jagdeo) is after all calling the shots. This is double standard.

    The racist rantings, ravings and other unmistakeable forms of dementia is quickly setting in upon Rohee, Ramotar and the other fossilised relics that constitute the top brass of the despotic PPP. In a moment of despair and panic, they have started to bring out so called members of civil society and the private sector as Kit Nascimento (AK: Shitty Kitty) and one Claude Deygoo (moonlighting as Eddie Boyer) whose claim to fame is that he grew up at the current location of ‘Freedom House’. Big deal to say the least.

    The PPP pantomime has taken an odd if not an even bolder flavour it appears – following the recent appearance by the now discredited soup magnate Clinton Urling and Eddie Boyer masquerading as respected members of the local private sector.
    Both Eddie Boyer and Clint Urling must know that economic boycott is a powerful tool that the general populace is prepared to employ this mechanism in to send a strong message to both National Hardware and German’s Soup Shop. This was used in the struggle by the ANC in bringing down the racist apartheid regime in South Africa.

  4. Azd I want to know if you know the meaning of the word corruption. U should get off Jagdeo back. Look a little harder at the opposition and tell me if you are that blinded by your hate for the ruling party that you don’t see the corrupt people who want to corrupt this country. The only dunce I see is u. Not Rohee.

  5. If all the the reputable electronic media are deemed to be anti- PPP, then its time for PPP supporters to wake up and realize that the PPP is rotting with corruption. Prior to 1991, Stabroek News was the best friend of the PPP. After the corruption started under Jagdeo, everything changed.
    State media and those controlled by Bobby Ramroop does not count.

    Furthermore, I am not convinced that Rohee is capable of understanding an MMU report.


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