Robbed 10 times in 2 years, elderly woman at wits’ end


A pensioner from Richmond Housing Scheme in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) is now traumatised after she was robbed for the tenth time in the past two years. Evra Nedd’s home was robbed at about 02:15h on Friday morning.

This publication was informed that the suspect gained entry to Nedd’s home through a bedroom window while she was out attending a wake and hid until she returned around 21:00hrs.

“When I came home it was black out, I put on the lamp, maybe he was hiding somewhere in the house, I sat down in the chair for a long time I wasn’t sleepy, then I went into my bed about to sleep when I felt somebody jump on the bed and said ‘shush me nah gon kill yuh, where the money?’” Nedd related as she began to panic.

“I saw the person cause by then the current come on back and the light in the kitchen was on. When he jumped on the bed I feel he hair and it de soft and straight.”

In providing a description of her attacker Nedd said that “he had on a three-quarter black pants, but he pull the white vest over he face so I couldn’t make out his face clearly.”

The thief then grabbed the pensioner by the throat and demanded cash.

“He ransacked the bed and find the $60,000 under the mattress. That was the money for my bills and other medical expenses after then he left through the kitchen door,” the traumatised woman recalled.

Family members of the pensioner reported their disappointment in the way the Police in G Division (Essequibo coast-Islands) have dealt with the matter.

According to a relative, after the report was made at the Anna Regina Police Station, ranks did not visit the victim’s home until six hours later.



  1. Very sad indeed but also in view if the crime situation in Guyana why is none of her relatives staying with her.


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