REO questioned by police for allegedly assaulting Regional Vice Chair

Vice Chairperson Nandranie Coonjah and other councillors at the Anna Regina Police Station.

Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region Two (Pomeroon Supenaam), Dennis Jaikarran was today questioned by police ranks after a report was made that he assaulted Regional Vice Chairperson Nandranie Coonjah.

The report was made at the Anna Regina Police Station.

The Vice Chairperson told INews that she had closed the main door to the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) when the REO and supporters left the boardroom, after disturbing the monthly statutory meeting.

However, the REO reportedly returned to the boardroom “annoyed”, according to the Vice Chairperson.

She alleged that it was then that the REO hit her on the shoulder, in the presence of other councillors.

At the police station, both parties were required to submit statements.

The matter is being investigated.