Release date for Census uncertain


By Fareeza Haniff

[] – The release of the 2012 census results is not the responsibility of the Guyana government, according to Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon.

When questioned about the issue, Dr Luncheon said the publication of the results is a joint engagement with the censusGovernment and Caricom.

“So the results in essence depend on the collective…the two agreeing and completing all of the outstanding works and that has not been done,” Dr Luncheon told reporters shortly after his post cabinet media briefing on Wednesday, April 23.

He explained that the census and its information is analysed from a host of perspectives with Caricom’s input.

“Census taking is a CARICOM responsibility and therefore they are intricately involved in the conduct of the census in participating so until they have given the go ahead and the no objection, the release of the formal comprehensive report would be delayed,” the Cabinet Secretary said.

Census 2012 was conducted as part of the United Nations 2010 round of global population and housing censuses. The 2010 round spans the period 2005-2014. The census is conducted every 10 years, which is a time when enumerators visit every household countrywide to administer questionnaires that collect social and economic information and data about the population.





  1. The government better be careful with slaming the police for low rate in crime then more ppl will be framed and forced to sign confession letters to give themselves a good name .


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