Relatives accuse Diamond Taxi driver of stealing CAD $3000


A young man in his mid 20s who is a taxi driver, attached to a taxi service based in the New Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) is being accused of stealing almost CAD $3000 from his aunt’s fiancé after picking up the Canadian citizen from the airport today.

canadaReports are that the foreigner came into the country to get married to the woman during his visit to Guyana. The nephew was hired to take his aunt and her family to collect the man from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) sometime this morning.

INews understands that the Canadian based Guyanese citizen had hired the young man to transport him to various locations when he previously visited Guyana. As a result of this, he requested that the woman hire her nephew to pick him up from the airport today instead of hiring another taxi driver.

A family friend of the woman stated that the couple who were to be married shortly arrived at the woman’s residence in Grove, EBD, and they invited her nephew in their home as a form of courtesy.

“As soon as they got in the house they began unpacking stuff to parcel out and give people what the uncle brought for them and they gave the nephew clothes and thing. The uncle took out his wallet with the money and put it down in the house and then the aunt’s nephew shortly after say how he get a call for another work and had to leave. Like 15 minutes passed and when the uncle went for his wallet he couldn’t find it, they searched the house upside down, everywhere and it was nowhere to be found,” said the young lady.

The frantic aunt then telephoned her nephew repeatedly to request that he return to her home but he kept making excuses and promising to be there at a certain time.

However, the aunt claimed that when the young man returned to her residence he brought along his brother’s wife, his father and his mother (the aunt’s older sister) and his parents along with his sister-in-law who began to verbally abuse the woman and her fiancé.

INews understands that some hours after this incident occurred, the woman’s fiancé packed his luggage and left her home stating that he would only return when she ‘gets back the money.’

Also, the man threatened that if she is unable to retrieve the money which was stolen from him, he will cancel the wedding, return to Canada and never visit Guyana again.










  1. Relatives accuse Diamond Taxi driver of stealing CAD $3000.
    The boy and he family need good money for the up coming jump up
    I hope the guy call off the marrige knowing the kind of family he getting through marriage.
    He better take warning that if he go ahead and marry she he wont be able to disagree with her since he done get a glimpse of the warring family lol

  2. ha ha ha.. what a story.. the police shoulda a lock up ALL of them who returned to the house to cuss down.. thieves..

  3. Quite right indeed. You see yoh can’t trust anyone out there. It’s all about what they can get. On the few occasions I was there i was expected to pay for everything and for all the hangers on. Well I have learnt my lesson and have learnt it well. I am not mean, but I will not allow anyone to exploit me especially in Guyana.
    Most of those people are better off than us living abroad and don’t want to work for anything. Depending on others who have to live in these countries facing the snow and working long hours etc etc. Some of them only ring you when they want money and when they have received it they cant be bothered say thank you. Well I pray that the Canadian has learnt his lesson and will make the right decisions regarding his future. So sad i am sure that he has worked hard for his money and has deprived himself of luxuries in order to save.
    One bad apple spoils the whole barrel.


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