Govt to repossess unoccupied house lots


Government will be taking steps to repossess house lots that were allocated some years ago, but which today, remain occupied. The Ministry of Communities is in the process of finalising the list of defaulters.

HOUSE LOTSAccording to  a GINA release, Director of Operations, Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) Denise King-Tudor explained that this process will be guided by a repossession policy; however the Ministry will be seeking to first meet with the defaulters, to encourage occupancy. Failing compliance, only then, will the Ministry proceed to repossess the house lots.

“The idea is not to repossess, just like that, but for us to be able to talk with them, have these discussions, encourage them, and give them the opportunity to occupy their house lots,” King-Tudor said.

Noting that the number of defaulters could reach into thousands, the CHP&PA official explained, that once the lots are rescinded, the defaulters would be placed on a waiting list to receive a lot, “when they are ready to make good or to utlise lands given to them.”

The Ministry since last year started the process of sending out letters and meeting with the defaulters to encourage them to occupy the land, King-Tudor explained. There are cases where some persons were given lots some years ago, and others, 18 months and more and are yet to take possession of them.

She however, advised that the Ministry will treat differently with those defaulters, who were allocated lots to areas that they could not access because of lack of adequate infrastructure. “We will not do any repossession,” she advised. In fact, those persons allocated lots to areas that are without proper infrastructure are being advised that they can wait until infrastructure is put in, to begin to construct or they can visit the Ministry and be reallocated to an area where there is infrastructure. (GINA)




  1. Carla you are so right. Some people think it’s just like that you can go and start building a house. It takes years of sacrifice and savings to have enough to start construction. I am talking from experience. As long as people are paying their taxes then what is the problem??? Only God knows the way some of us think. If they are not paying their taxes then I can understand what they are trying to achieve.

  2. What a dumb thing to do, some people have to save to start building. The government should assist who ever can’t afford the mean while the people can pay their yearly taxes.concern citizen.


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