Regulation for foreign-issued driver’s licence presented to National Assembly


Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn on Monday formally presented to the National Assembly the regulations which grant permission for the use of foreign-issued driver’s licences while driving on Guyana’s roadways.

“A person not resident in Guyana shall be permitted to drive on the road for a period of sixty days after his/[her] entry into Guyana without a driver’s licence as required by Section 23 (1) provided that he/[she] is the holder and in possession of a valid driver’s licence…” the Minister said.

The Minister exercised this authority in issuing “Regulation 21 of 2022” granted to him by the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act (Cap 51:02) of Guyana.

Foreign drivers wishing to make use of this new initiative by the Government must ensure they possess a valid driver’s licence issued by the relevant authority in their home country, along with the documents that establish the date of entry into Guyana.

In August of 2022, President Dr Irfaan Ali announced the initiative by the Government, after the relevant legislation was amended to effect the change.

This was done as the Government continues to align policies that reflect the changes needed with the continuous influx of visitors to Guyana.

Previously, visitors desirous of driving in Guyana were required to obtain a driving permit from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).

Earlier in September, to facilitate this change in the law, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) as the State licensing entity, published the requirements for this new regulation.
GRA stated that after 60 days, a person must apply for a Foreign Driver’s Permit to continue driving on the roadways.

The extension process beyond the 60 days includes completing a Foreign Licence Application Form, accompanied by the original driver’s licence as well as a copy for GRA, (if in a foreign language translation must be provided) and must include a copy of the driver’s passport.

Drivers are reminded by GRA that after they have expended the 60 days’ permission from the date of entry, they can apply for a Foreign Driver’s Permit, which is valid for an additional four weeks and cost $2000 Guyana dollars.