Regional Youth body labels “attacks” against GNYC as “heinous”


[] – The Caribbean Regional Youth Council (CRYC) says it is standing in solidarity with the Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC) in the face of on-going criticism from the government over the proposed ‘Vote Like Ah Boss’ project.

The ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has accused the Body of being aligned with opposition forces; a charge which the local youth Body has vehemently denied, saying that such goes against their constitution.

A statement from the CRCY on Friday chastised CARICOM and the government for the “attacks” on the youth council given that both entities have publicly expressed their advocacy for more youth development initiatives within the region.

“This is why the current attacks against a youth-led democratically elected NGO working to empower young people and raise their education and awareness of voter rights are so heinous. But they are also very alarming if the video-taped evidence of a recent meeting of the GYNC is to be believed, because there were threats levelled against the members of the organisation who must now all feel personally vulnerable and exposed,” the release stated.

The CRYC said that the recent incident involving a government official at a GNYC meeting can only be seen as “state sanctioned threats” and should receive condemnation from all.

The regional Body says if CARICOM and the sovereign state of Guyana, cannot demonstrate qualitative promotion of the rights of young people and the sustained inclusion of youth in decision making within their common jurisdiction, any claims or pronouncements they make in the world arena on youth development, is tainted with the injustice of neglect for young people right within their reach.