Region Six RDC writes President, Ministry requesting free transportation for school children of dismissed workers



By Michael Younge

Region Six’s Regional Chairman David Armagon on Monday officially wrote President David Granger requesting the Government’s assistance with the provision of free transportation for the school aged children of dismissed sugar workers.

Armagon, speaking with Inews today, said that in his letter he sought to make a case for the Region to be provided with a 30-seater bus to transport children from Gangaram, Canjie to schools in New Amsterdam.

He said that the region was concerned about the impact that the closure of several sugar estates would have on the livelihoods of ordinary families and the fact that already parents were finding it economically challenging to consistently send their children to school.

“We believe education is important and that is why we have written the President to seek this kind of assistance”, he said. He explained too that the Regional Executive Officer has also finally dispatched a letter to the Ministry of Communities highlighting the Region’s request for assistance with providing free transportation for the children of dismissed sugar workers in other communities as well.

That letter was also dispatched recently after the Region Six Democratic Council had passed a motion supporting the provision of free transportation earlier in the year.




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