“Region Six health system in a crisis” – AFC Councillor

Devin Sookraj

Alliance For Change (AFC) Councillor, Devin Sookraj says the entire Region Six health system is in a crisis.

He made the comments while addressing the Regional Democratic Council on Thursday.
Sookraj said, on a daily basis, he has been receiving complaints of deficiencies at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

“It is not only the New Amsterdam Hospital; it is right across the Region. The entire health system is in a crisis…,” he remarked.

Regional Vice Chairman says the issues affecting the health sector in the region are because of a lack of proper management.

“You can’t put an office assistant to be the director. You can’t put an office assistant to director doctors…. Therein lays the problem,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer of the New Amsterdam Hospital, Dr Samantha Kennedy is facing immense pressure to step down as many believe she has not been doing a good job in overseeing the public health institution.

In fact, earlier this year, Head of the Regional Health Committee, Zamal Hussain informed the RDC that Permanent Secretary in the Public Health Ministry Colette Adams informed that the Hospital will be getting a new CEO.

After this was widely reported in the local press, the Junior Minister of Health, Dr Karen Cummings debunked the reports as inaccurate, insisting that the CEO remains on the job.


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