CAL compensates passengers for Monday’s delays


Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) has compensated passengers on a direct flight from New York to Guyana, who endured more than 10 hours delay on Monday.

Passengers had complained about the treatment from the airline, including the fact that they were stuck aboard the aircraft for five hours at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York and then another two hours at the Piarco Airport in Trinidad.

Flight BW527 was scheduled to depart New York at 12:25h on Monday, but owing to the inclement weather, left until 04:26h. Added to this, instead of heading straight to Guyana, the plane diverted to Trinidad to change flight crew. This resulted in the flight landing in Guyana until 16:12h, some 12 hours after the plane left the US.

However, CAL has issued an apology to the hundreds of passengers on board that flight and has issued them with a travel voucher as compensation for the delays.



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