Region One to get modern ferry by 2014


A new modern ferry vessel will be acquired for the Region One service next year to reduce time and improve serviceability on the Mabaruma district route.

This information was provided by Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn in response to a question asked by APNU’s Member of Parliament (MP), Annette Ferguson as to why one ferry only provides service to Mabaruma residents once per month.

According to Minister Benn, there is currently no consideration to assign another ferry to ply the Mabaruma district; however, the MV Kimbia which has been undergoing extensive docking works for the past months, and which provides service to this route is slated to return to service by August 15.

Minister Benn explained that the MV Kimbia is the designated vessel for that district and currently it is docked at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC).

The MV Lady Northcote which operates the Port Kaituma route is currently assisting with the Mabaruma service.

Ferguson also questioned why the ferry takes 36 hours to reach its final destination from Georgetown, and was corrected by Minister Benn, who stated that the journey takes approximately 25 hours.  However due to the inclement weather conditions recently, and discharging of cargo enroute at Morawhanna have occasionally added to the time.

Meanwhile APNU’s MP Jennifer Wade queried whether any action is being considered to ensure that the ferry to Kumaka operates on schedule fortnightly so as to reduce losses suffered by business people.

Minister Benn advised that as soon as the MV Kimbia returns to service, this will allow for  full resumption of service to the Region.



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