Region 9 residents told to get involved in Agriculture


Region 9Several Ministers of the Cabinet embarked on another outreach into South Central Rupununi, Region 9, where they met with residents of several communities. These meetings gave the Ministers and by extension the government insight in the progress of development in the communities and the residents in turn had the opportunity to share their concerns and suggestions.

Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker and his team met residents of Katuur, Baitoon, Potarinau, Parikwarunau, Kumu and Haiwa during July 20-21.

From the onset of his engagements, Minister Whittaker emphasized that the investments being made into the lives of Guyanese are founded on the principles of the founder of the PPP/C, the late Cheddi Jagan, who while in office, sought to meet the needs of the working class people, the poor and vulnerable and the indigenous people.

He added that the meetings function as consultations for the 2014 budget cycle, since preparations for next year’s budget will commence shortly. In this regard residents were urged to make suggestions on their priority projects.

The Minister also highlighted that education is one of the key elements that take people out of poverty and can also be considered as a liberator.

“In the process of educating our children some of them will go on to bigger things, some of them may come back to visit, but you should take pride in knowing that whilst the Presidents of the past did not make provisions for your children’s education and elevation in life, under the PPP/C government you have been able to realize this dream,” he said.

Minister Whittaker explained that while these developments are on-going, the government cannot undertake them all at the same time. In this regard, he urged the residents to get more involved in agriculture which would not only provide food for the family but also serve as a means of income generation. These practices, he noted, ensures sustained livelihoods.



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