Region 9 experiencing severe drought conditions…food supply threatened


Residents of Region Nine, (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) are worried that a food shortage is imminent if the dry weather being experienced within the Region persists over the next several weeks.

Dry land: Drought conditions in Region 9 are threatening food supply in some communities
Dry land: Drought conditions in Region 9 are threatening food supply in some communities

INews understands that the dry weather was seriously threatening the lives of the domestic animals in the community along with the Region’s food supply. Regional Officials have stated that wells within the area were drying up as water sources continued to become depleted.

INews was told that many farmers have given up even trying to plant their crops given the absence of rain. One RDC member stated that the drought was also threatening the health of the communities, as diseases transmitted by insects may become prevalent. She noted that droughts can shrink bodies of water and cause water to become stagnant, providing breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

She added that they were already experiencing several cases of sudden diarrhoea and vomiting.

In addition, the RDC official shared that persons needed to be educated about the measures that must be taken in dealing with such situations. She noted that many fires lit had spread and could have ended disastrously if it was not for the quick thinking of others.

Several other hinterland communities in other Regions across Guyana are anticipating a decline in agricultural production with the possibility of food shortages if the dry spell persists.

Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock stated in reports that the Ministry was working assiduously with the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to institute measures to offer support to Region Nine. The Minister added, however, that additional efforts and equipment were needed to fight the effects of the drought.



  1. I’m living in Region One…and we are experiencing the same here. Mabaruma settlement don’t get water from pipes. We have to depend on the rain or pond water. The previous government never considered that water was a basic need. We are living in the interior but we deserve to have the same as any other citizen.


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