Region 5 REO calls police to remove Guyana Times reporter from RDC meeting

The female corporal speaking with Morrison (in green shirt) next to Guyana Times reporter Andrew

Region Five Regional Executive Officer (REO), Ovid Morrison has made calls for the police to remove a reporter attached to the Guyana Times media group from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) meeting held on Thursday morning.

A female corporal speaking with Morrison (in green shirt) next to Guyana Times reporter Andrew Carmichael (seated with camera in his hand)

INews was reliably informed that when the meeting was called to order the REO asked for the Times reporter Andrew Carmichael to be removed from the house.

However, while the REO asked for the removal of Carmichael, Regional Chairman Vickchand Ramphal said that the REO’s duty was to carry out the orders of the house.

This publication was informed that the RDC meeting came to a halt after Ramphal announced that the REO deserted his post as clerk of the house.

Morrison reportedly said that the RDC meeting cannot go ahead if he as Clerk is absent.

The REO was moments later heard speaking on his cellular phone asking for Inspector Kelly and reporting that he needed two officers to come and remove the said reporter.

Based on information received, a female police corporal arrived and after attempts by the REO to have the officer remove Carmichael from the house and utterances by the Chairman stating the responsibilities of the REO, the police officer left.

The REO then placed another call to the Fort Wellington Police Station which is situated next the RDC boardroom.

This publication was reliably informed, from a source, that the police have refused to get involved.

During an RDC meeting held in February of this year Councillor Dolston Hudson accused Guyana Times, among a few other media houses of providing inaccurate coverage of their meetings.

The management of the Guyana Times media group has since condemned in the strongest possible terms the reported action by the REO to have its reporter removed from a public meeting.

Moreover, they have indicated to this publication their intention of lodging a formal complaint with the Guyana Press Association.



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