Region 3 Chairman asks for patience to remedy water situation


Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) Chairman, Julius Faerber is asking residents to be patient as efforts are being made to remedy the water situation affecting citizens in certain villages.

Speaking with a section of the media recently, he stated that as a result of drought conditions that were affecting the Region, the water pressure was low and this has been contributing to the water being contaminated.

Region 3 Chairman, Julius Faerber
Region 3 Chairman, Julius Faerber

He added that information which was gathered from the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) revealed that there were no broken mains and the shallowness of the wells compounded the situation.

The Chairman disclosed that the Region was going through a rough period as a result of the lack of rainfall. “We at the regional level are doing our best in terms of sectionalising the water so that everyone can benefit and we beg for the residents to be a little more patient with us,” he said.

Faerber also petitioned farmers of the Region to be responsible when utilising water.

GWI, when contacted, indicated that it has commenced flushing the mains to improve the water quality.

Residents of EBE last week called for an intervention as contaminated water was coming through their taps. The water was said to be discoloured and full of sediments. Residents said it was contributing to health issues as they could not afford to buy water for domestic purposes.

Drought conditions have been affecting various regions across Guyana over the past few months.




  1. Region 3 Chairman asks for patience to remedy water situation.
    Well PNC had 28 years of rule and was planning then up come PPP and carry out all PNC plans..Well now PNC back in power and planning again .


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