Region 2 taking precautionary measures to fight COVID-19

Officials of the Region 2 Administration meeting with vendors and residents

The Region 2 (Pomeroon/Supenaan) Administration is taking several precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

A special meeting to deal with the matter was held on Tuesday at the Anna Regina Town Council, Essequibo Coast, with the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Mr. Dennis Jaikarran, Mayor Mr. Rajendra Prabhulall, Deputy Mayor Mr. Rudolph Williams, Town Clerk Ms. Diane Critchlow, councillors and staff.

Some of the preventative measures being taken include; installing pipes and sinks with detergent in public places like markets, car parks and commercial areas along the Essequibo Coast. This is being done to encourage persons to wash their hands with clean water and detergent before and after doing business, so as to prevent the spreading of the virus. The staff of the Council will also be asked to stay home on a rotation system to avoid a crowded office.

The Bush Lot and the Anna Regina markets will now be opened from 07:00 hrs and closed at 14:00 hrs (2:00pm) each day. Commercial Banks will be closed at 12:00 noon until further notice; this is to avoid crowds in public places.

Members of the Anna Regina Town Council meet to discuss their response to COVID-19

A high level team, including the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Health Inspectors and councillors  met with vendors, business owners, taxi and minibus operators and the general public in an effort to educate them on the seriousness of the virus and to encourage them to use the hand-washing method to fight the virus.

Mr Jaikarran said that a special room is now in place at Suddie Hospital where patients who are tested positive for coronavirus will be quarantined.

Screening is also being done at the Suddie Hospital, but the REO noted that all blood samples taken in the Region will have to be sent to Georgetown for testing before any confirmation is being made.

At present, there are no confirmed cases in the Region but prevention is better than cure,  Jaikarran said.