Reg. 7 robbery update: Police say bandits escaped with $37M in raw gold, 2 firearms

Dead: Donovan Washington (L) and Zaheer Mohamed (R)

The Guyana Police Force has disclosed that the two masked bandits that robbed and killed two miners this morning at the Arimu Backdam in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) have escaped with $37 million in raw gold and two firearms.

Zaheer Mohammed Sheriff, a 50-year-old Gold Miner of Byderabo Road, Bartica, Region Seven, and Donvan Washington, a 26-year-old Porter of Lot 11 Seventh Avenue, Bartica, were killed during a robbery at about 10:00h today at the Arimu Backdam, Cuyuni River.

According to police reports, the suspects, two masked men on a Red ATV, allegedly carted off with 102 ounces of raw gold valued at $37 million and two licensed firearms  – a .32 pistol and a 12-gauge shotgun – all property of Sheriff.

Sheriff, who was a treasurer and Director of the Small Miner’s Association Guyana Inc. (SMAGI), was also the owner of a six-inch land dredge operation at Arimu Backdam.

Police investigations so far revealed that around 10:00, Sheriff washed down the raw gold and left his camp with Washington on an ATV en route to Bartica.

The General Manager for Sheriff’s operation, Joel Stephen, told investigators that about five minutes after his boss left camp, he heard several loud explosions which he suspected to be gunshots.

Upon checking the area, Stephen found both deceased men about 500 meters away from the camp, lying on the trail with gunshot injuries about their bodies. He also observed that both of Sheriff’s firearms and the gold were missing. He later made a report to the Bartica Police Station

“Sheriff’s body was examined and the following wounds were seen: circular wound to his right upper chest, circular wound to upper right thigh, circular wound to upper right arm and circular wound to his left upper back.

Washington’s body was examined and the following wounds were seen: circular wound to lower abdomen, left chest, left shoulder, left hand, left elbow, four circular wounds to right thigh, two to left thigh and one to his back,” the police said.

The scene was processed and one .32 magazine with eight live matching rounds, seven 9MM spent shells and three .32 spent shells were found.

Investigations continue.