Recht door Zee home saved by swift response from Fire Service

The fire truck at the scene

Quick response from the Guyana Fire Service resulted in a Recht door Zee, West Bank Demerara home being saved from destruction, receiving only partial damage on Monday morning.

The house where the fire started

When INews arrived at the scene, the fire tenders had already quelled the blaze.

According to the owner of the one flat concrete home- who asked to remain anonymous- he received a call from his neighbours at around 10:00hrs, while he was at work, informing him of smoke emanating from his house.

The fire truck at the scene

“I immediately called the fire service and they told me they already received a report. I suspect it was made by my neighbours and I’m so grateful,” he told this online publication.

Sources attached to the fire service told INews that it appears as though an electrical fan which was left on in the front room, located on the western side of the structure, may have started the fire.

Firefighters were reportedly forced to break a window located at the front of the home in order to gain entrance into burning building.

Significant burns were observed on the room’s ceiling, the wooden door was completely burnt, along with curtains and parts of the carpet.

The one flat home is occupied by the owner, his wife, and their 10-year old and 1-year-old children.

An investigation is ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)



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