Raptors unstoppable in Mackeson ‘King of the Rim’


bball1[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Raptors lost none of their games on the second night of action when the Mackeson “King of the Rim” continued on Tuesday in Plaisance.

With the Raptors already defeating Belladrum Lions 14-9, Extreme Underdogs 13-8 and Plaisance Guardians 9-8, they almost fell to Team Venom.

With Team Venom having possession in the final 20s and down by one point, they were unable to score as Floyd Arthur of Raptors drilled a two point bomb from beyond the arc to win the game for Raptors in the final 14s as the game ended 11-8.

Raptors only other tough game was against Plaisance Guardians that played a physical brand of basketball but came up marginally short.

Meanwhile, the Extreme Underdogs had the perfect name to go along with their four losses.

The Extreme Underdogs lost to Raptors 8-13, Team Venom 7-14, Plaisance Guardians 7-9 and Belladrum Lions 8-10.

In other results; Plaisance Guardians, Team Venom and Belladrum Lions won two games apiece while losing two as well. Action in the tournament will continue throughout the course of the week and the weekend at various courts across Guyana.‎


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