Eight Civil Society Groups demand end to Prorogation or early elections

Parliament Buildings


Parliament[www.inewsguyana.com] – Eight local Civil Society organizations, in a joint press statement today, called on President Donald Ramotar to put an early end to his almost one month old prorogation of Guyana’s Parliament.

The organizations urged President Ramotar to swiftly exercise the options of either an immediate resumption of Parliament or holding of general elections.

The Groups said that at this critical juncture of political uncertainty and national importance they are concerned at the decision by the President to prorogue Guyana’s Parliament “which is in effect a suspension of our parliamentary democracy.”

“This is a crisis of governance on all fronts and requires urgent dialogue, mediation and citizen and civil society intervention. It is unprecedented since Independence and the way forward is tentative. We are concerned at the serious implications for our fragile democracy and the repercussions for fundamental citizens’ rights, business, stability and indeed all Guyanese,” the joint statement noted.

Among those registering concern were: Transparency Institute Guyana Inc, Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Blue CAPS, Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Church, Guyana Bar Association, Guyana Association of Women Lawyers, Help and Shelter, Women Across Differences.

President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar.

“As various civil society organisations serving our members and all Guyanese, we recognize the vital importance of how democracy and good governance are practised by our legislature, our executive and our judiciary and the direct impact on Guyanese citizens. The executive act of prorogation and the resulting suspension of the House of Representatives for possibly the next six months will significantly constrain the functioning of our Parliament and further weaken a vital institution of our Constitution and government,” the statement added.

The Groups said that during this period of political turbulence they are also concerned about whether the affairs of the state will be practiced in a manner that upholds the democratic principles of transparency, accountability, inclusion and representation.

“We call for a swift end to prorogation, and a return to the vital role our legislature plays in the lives of citizens of Guyana, ensuring that fair laws are made, and holding the government to account for its policies, actions, and spending on matters of paramount importance to citizens. We further recognise the urgency of harmonising our Constitution with democratic practices. Moreover, we encourage all parliamentarians to enforce Article 13 of the Constitution more regularly.”

Political leaders were also urged to dedicate their individual and collective efforts to repairing the fragile, weak and ineffective political culture, practice and institutions that have led to this perilous period in our nation’s history; recognizing that it must be effected through a spirit of compromise, dialogue, trust and reconciliation in the interest of the betterment of Guyana and all Guyanese.




  1. After you finish answering Which law the Opposition broke, then take the answer and apply it to the answer of which law the government broke.

  2. Andrew, you need to be more open minded instead of being so clouded with dislike- no, hatred for the current administration which has afforded you the opportunity to express your trash based on ignorance and extreme prejudice. Couldn’t do that if Burnham was around.

  3. Its time for a government that is for the people, the pee pee pee c crime ,,group has to GO,, They do not and will not understand and of the words the Mr lunch use to confuse the nation of ppl like GRAY,,LIE. Means A lier is a thief ,,a thief is a murderer ,,all going on in Guyana is both ,,lies and killings,,,any country with the government that cant make up its mind is going,,STOP,, nothing going on,,PPP at stop for years after the great father died’,, GOD BLESS CHEDDY. Gray and the cup cakes that drinking pee pee pee all year long need to understand its time to eat real food ,,the food of life ,,is true living,,not hiding behind you free lapee top from china ,,get a laptop from india and it will educate some of you,,crabs,,

  4. This eight groups sound like eight groups of tingling brass. Single handed Mr, Ramesh Persaud has confounded green cap, greenige cap, granger cap, and those other groups. The one, and only good idea given so far, is by Mr. Ramesh Persaud, and that is “MORATORIUM”. Why called upon the President? Didn’t you guys say the opposition has the majority? Did you deceivers call upon the opposition? Why didn’t your eight groups run to the Judas group? Where were your eight groups when the AFC was threatening to kill the tenth Parliament? The women’s group, Human rights, and your eight groups didn’t stop the PNC from their suicidal move to support the AFC motion.

  5. It’s not one part rule. It’s multi party but the opposition wants to run the government, and the ended up barring themselves, porogation is legal,
    The ppp government is an elected government, by free and fair election,

    The masses elected Mr ramatot to be PRESIDENT, not opposition leader,

  6. It’s not surprising, the call from these ” Civil Societies” to end the prorogation of parliament. Are they any different from the ” Gang of Eight” ? We all, the entire Guyanese people , know where their loyal lies ; the power hungry APNU and the loosers, AFC now in bed with the PNC. Who are these people trying to fool? The PRESIDENT exercised his constutional prerogative to ensure that there is room for sensible way forward. Why should he end the prorogation then immediately will have todo the same again once the no confidence would whack on the agenda? Utter nonsense.
    Go Mr President, use that armoury go the fullest advantage. Thereafter come the next general election, use your majority to further develop guyana for all Guyanese

  7. I have no doubt these are all PNCites with axis to grind and told what to do.
    May I suggest that they jump in their jackass cart or walk to the market and find someone who gives a crap what they have to say.

  8. Can any of these organizations call on the opposition to with draw the no confidence motion against the government?
    Which law the government broke? To he’ll with them Mr president,
    Utilized the 6 month. Red thread is black, bar association. Can’t think soberly,and transparent international is not transparent. ,


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