Simon confident ahead of December 13 bout

Kishawn Simon‎
Kishawn Simon‎

[] – Boxer Kishawn Simon will head into his bout on December 13 at the RoseHall Town Showdown with one aim: to dominate his opponent.

With a record of two wins and two losses, one win by way of knockout, Simon will battle Barbados based Guyanese Revlon Lake in an eight round but at the Junior Welterweight Class.

“I’m going after the victory by way of Knock Out and look Spectacular doing it.

“I’m looking to break him down and then lay him out. Just gonna out class him and put on a spectacular performance,” the 24 year old boxing dynamo told INews Sport.

‎Simon, fairly new to this level of the sport, is attached to no gym but currently trains at the Robert’s Champion Gym under watchful eye of Howard Eastman.

“Training is going wonderful and it’s gonna get better,” the chiseled boxer noted.

Simon also related what it has been like to be coached by Eastman who has made his fair share of history in Guyanese boxing.

“It’s an awesome opportunity, hard to find words to express how grateful I am but I’m truly blessed to have him there. He’s been there for me ever since I was in my teens; gave me my first pair of boxing gloves when I was just 12 years. We have a tremendous relationship, it’s like a father son relationship,” Simon stated.

Further, Simon highlighted that his main aim is to put Guyana’s boxing on the map especially after his December 13 boat is over.‎

‎”I’ll be looking to fight ASAO. I need to stay active. Make some wonderful fights and create interest in boxing here in Guyana. Looking to take this sport to the level it needs to be honestly. Looking to attract tourism and build from here to a world class level,” he noted.


The blonde hair boxer, who carriers his own swag whether in the ring or outside of it, shared his view on himself as a professional.

“I’ve got the potential to become World Champion, I’ve gotta make it count. This means I need to fight as often as possible right now as I’m in the learning curve of my professional career,” he revealed.

In addition, Simon that has a jive to his step in the ring expressed his hunger to win as well what gives him sleepless nights of achieving greatness.

“It first starts with myself belief. Day by day I keep my eyes on the prize, know where I need to be so I make my sacrifices, dedicate myself, stay determine, work hard every day also Howard believes in me a great lot, I was even told Howard believes in me tremendously and how passionately he speaks of me becoming World Champion. That’s a boost for my motivation.

‎”It’s something flowing from within, a hunger, a desire for supremacy. Ambition to be Pound For Pound King, Simon related to iNews Sport.

Whatever happens on December 13 is unknown for now but two things can be sure when December 13 rolls around; Lake definitely needs to prepare for a fight and whatever the outcome Simon won’t stop in his road to success.


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