Ramsammy backpedals on statement of AFC/APNU winning elections

Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy

[www.inewsguyana] – In an surprising turn of events today, Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy says he believes that the newly formed coalition of Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) have improved their chances of winning the elections by coalescing, but later backpedaled on the statement saying it was misconstrued.

This is shortly after the article was carried by a news outfit highlighting the statement made by the Government Minister.

In the statement, Ramsammy said, “I am not disappointed because I believed that they have improved their chances to win an election – but that they lied so easily and effortlessly.”

However he later posited that this statement does not imply or say that he believes the coalition of the two political factions stands a better chance of winning.

In the subsequent release to the media, he said that his statement was “misread or misunderstood… I never said so and I categorically do not believe that.”

According to Ramsammy, his statement is aimed at recording his “disappointment that these leaders of AFC lied so blatantly to people. In the Press Statement, I stated clearly that my disappointment is that they lied, and not that they believe this coalition improved their chances.”

Ramsammy said, the AFC “made a judgment that wounded them beyond recovery…the truth is that the walls are crashing down on the AFC; in every corner of Guyana.”

The Agriculture Minister said he is “convinced that long before May 11, the AFC will discover that of the many stupid things they have done and of the many deceitful things they have done, this is the most disastrous of them all. The coalition is the end of AFC, period.”