Ramotar warns against “economic jumbie”; promises thousands of jobs

President Ramotar greets PPP supporters at the Kitty Rally. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

President Donald Ramotar during his speech at the Kitty Rally. [iNews' Photo]
President Donald Ramotar during his speech at the Kitty Rally. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Incumbent President, Donald Ramotar is warning of the possibility of Opposition politician, Carl Greenidge returning to the portfolio of Finance Minister should A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) ascend to office post May 11 labelling Greenidge as an “economic jumbie.”

Ramotar was at the time speaking that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Kitty rally which saw thousands of persons inundating a large section of Alexander Street Kitty, eager to hear what the politicians of the ruling Party had to say.

Ramotar in basing his claim against the Former Finance Minister pointed out that it was under Greenidge’s tenure that there was economic stagnation and then some retrogress.

Making a stark comparison, it was pointed out that it was under the PPP that Guyana has been able to record several consecutive years of growth.

A section of the crowd at the rally. [iNews' Photo]
A section of the crowd at the rally. [iNews’ Photo]
“God forbid this economic jumbie comes to be Minister of Finance,” President Ramotar said in his criticism of the Finance Minister during the People’s National Congress era.

According to the President, the last three years in the National Assembly have been “trying” and more could have been done if the Opposition had supported the PPP’s developmental plans for Guyana.

“All their actions over the last three years were designed to damage our country… They were cutting things that affected people. Cutting money from the hospital; cutting money from the airport,” he said describing the actions as “diabolical.”

Despite these windfalls during his tenure as President, Ramotar asserted that should his administration return to office after May 11 with a parliamentary majority Guyana would develop in an exponential manner.

President Ramotar greets PPP supporters at the Kitty Rally. [iNews' Photo]
President Ramotar greets PPP supporters at the Kitty Rally. [iNews’ Photo]
The President told the mammoth crowd of PPP supporters that while his Party’s primary focus would be on developing Guyana, the main intent of the APNU/AFC is to attain “power.”

He touted several plans that his administration would be looking to implement should they be voted back into office after elections, including “thousands of jobs” being created in several different sectors in Guyana.

“We will join the club of oil producing countries in the world very very soon,” Ramotar remarked as he underscored that energy will be made into another important sector in Guyana’s economy.

It was noted that the government is presently working with Brazil to develop new hydro sites and simultaneously there are plans to construct a road from Brazil to the coast of Guyana.

Still on the subject of infrastructural development, President Ramotar pointed to plans to construct a major road from Parika to Bartica and opening a new housing scheme in the vicinity of the home of regatta’s in Guyana.

Meanwhile, Ramotar pointed out that while these projects will bring good economic times for Guyana, the citizenry must be prepared for it.

“But we have to prepare our people to be ready to manage that kind of economy,” Ramotar later adding “That is what we are about, we have been builders, the PNC have been bruk-uppers.”




  1. MR Moderator:
    I am no magician but my prediction is:
    Mr Moses Nagamootoo is all empty barrel noise.
    He said he ‘ will be getting a divorce’ from APNU if things don’t work out.
    Here this man will help APNU form a Government.
    He will walk away after this PNC changes everything with ‘the majority’.
    The PNC-APNU will have 60% of voting rights and laugh at Moses in his face.
    Moses will do same as Peter Stanilous D’Aguir, P on us and, yes move to the USA!
    This man do not have a clue.
    But the PPP/C has a plan of continuous growth.

  2. If the ppp government wanted you to know all these questions you have they would have called a COI just like rodney or ask Nandalall to file criminal charges against all the accusation.
    Don’t you see that the ppp government don’t want you to know the truth or they doing worse so they prefer you asks questions and provide you with answers they have access to?

  3. Are u really reading what you are writing. Give me a hundred greendige over one jagdeo. At least we know Greenidge don’t thief like Jagdeo for himself and friends. Imagine he making a decision and signing it into law how much perks and pension he must get. Then on top of that the man so shameful he put more money than the Brazilian and Trinidad president does wok for and they got oil. Imagine that.

  4. Geenidge, needs to give account for his mismanagement! Charrandas Persaud is talking about chopping PPP people, He should chop out Greenidge hands.
    We always knew that Greenidge is a jumbie. Now we now Malika Ramsey is a jumbie too like Harmon, Trotman mouth looks like he feeding off Ramjattan.
    Guyanese needs to know about the $4,000,000.00. All of them fighting to live in the Mansion that President Ramotar living in. Granger need to tell us about them AK47.
    Harmon still using his army boots. Nigel Huges need to tell us why they sacrifice their pawn, and about Agricola. Guyanese people intelligent enough to decipher right from wrong and to know them jumbie from them PPP developers. We will continue to work and build!!!!!


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