Ramotar tells Int’l media of “Nae Nae Nae” Parliament at home

Former President Donald Ramotar.


By Kurt Campbell

President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar during the interview with CaribNation

[www.inewsguyana.com] – President Donald Ramotar, in a recent interview in the United States has complained to foreign media of the uncooperative Parliament his government is faced with; describing it as a “nae nae nae” Parliament.

He said it is similar to the Congress President Barack Obama is made to endure, where almost all proposals by the Executive are met with rejection.

“It has become extremely difficult to pass legislation, not because it doesn’t make sense but because the Opposition seems determined to slow down or even stop the development of Guyana,” he said; adding that all developmental projects has been severely attacked from 2012 to date even as he recalled the cuts made to the National Budget over time.

Speaking to CaribNation TV in Washington D.C, the Guyanese Head of State, registered his frustration with the delay in passing the critical Anti – Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill.

The President, who travelled to the USA to attend and address the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, used the opportunity to meet Guyanese living there.

He met the Guyanese community in Queens, New York on Friday evening and those in Washington on Saturday evening.Ramotar called on Guyanese living in U.S to return home and invest in the country’s booming economy.

The President said his government remains committed to continuing the transformation of Guyana , but needs the help of all Guyanese, since he does not have a development partner in the opposition; pointing to their anti-developmental stance since they won a one-seat majority in the National Assembly.

The President meanwhile, said his government has never denied there is corruption in the country, but pointed to the various efforts successive PPP/Civic administrations have been making to tackle this issue.




  1. aww shut yuh crap on who killed who and who saved who..mo of you so called mericans are starving and going to bed hungry at nights because of that very yo yo…check it out..let me give you dunce the words to look up..poverty in america yo yo.


  3. BJ is the magician which you PNCites are scared of and in awe of.
    No one can reason with a charging bull with its head down running blindly at full throttle.
    Only a strong stone wall can stop a mad bull.
    The PPP/C is that stone wall.

  4. The mantra of NO, not, never, nyet, nae or just NOt over my dead body is the recurring chant of APNU and now the newly converted PNCapnu also called AFC led by a failed would be or wannabe President/Speaker Nagamootoo.
    They are unto a car which only have a reverse gear.
    Never in my life would I believe a past, especially this once trusted PYO Comrade can sink lower than the belly of a snake and sold us out.
    Well I hope he get his pieces of silver.
    He can then buy a parcel of land with a big tree on it.

  5. Donald, you could not play the hand you were dealt in November 2011 because you were never trained in the art of compromise and cooperation. All that was needed after you gained a minority government was to stake out the areas you want to see accomplishments, then invite the opposition to stake out theirs. Next, you negotiate on what both sides can agree on. Unfortunately, you have to listen to Jagdeo, who actually caused the PPP to become a minority regime.

  6. if pppc ministers were not afraid of losing their foreign visa. if pppc were not afraid of pnc..if pppc were not afraid of GHRA. if pppc were not afraid of KN and SN and including clowns like Sharma and Freddie Kissoon. if pppc were not afraid of RED Thread ACDA….PPPc would have won the last election like how they won all other free fair transparent electons held in guyana..if pppc did not take their core support base for granted pppc would have won hands down..if pppc didnt lie to their main core support base on why no infrastructure work was done in pppc strongholds like how most if not all infrastructure work was completed in pnc strongholds pppc would have won hands down..dont go complaining about the pres and the opposition..you had majorities upon majorities and you done the same farth u doing as minority ruler…what has changed? same crooks in police army and in all pppc government run institutes..pppc keep hiring them to shake down mostly pppc main support base people..what action was taken to stop the pnc thugs nigel hughes ordered to lock down agricola public road then proceeded to beat injure rob sexually molest east indians? pppc took responsibility for killing three lindeners while they still pay 5 dollars for electricity..while all others must pay for it through their nose..this is pppc for ya..


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