Ramotar breaks silence on reason for pardoning child killer

Former President, Donald Ramotar. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Former President, Donald Ramotar.
Former President, Donald Ramotar.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – As one of his last acts as President, Donald Ramotar pardoned a convicted child murderer, a move which he was heavily criticized for.

However, the President recently defended his actions, explaining to iNews that the young man, who was pardoned, did not deserve to be in prison and he [Ramotar] was unaware that the parents of the slain child were still grieving.

Ravindra Deo, the pardoned convict, was serving a life imprisonment sentence for killing 8 – year-old Vishnu Bhim of Annandale, East Coast Demerara in 1994.

Prior to this sentence, he was given the death penalty, which was later commuted to a life sentence. With heavy public backlash on the issue, Ramotar stated that there were several factors that led to his decision to pardon Deo.

Ravindra Deo. [Photo taken from Stabroek News]
Ravindra Deo. [Photo taken from Stabroek News]
“At the time that I pardoned the young man, I did not know that the family of murdered child – that the wounds had not healed….I know for a fact that his [Deo’s] father died while he was in prison….his mother was very, very sick and she came to me on several occasions,” the former President told iNews during an interview.

According to the former President, the mother died shortly after her son was pardoned. He pointed out too that Guyana’s Chief Justice, Ian Chang had also stated that the man should not have been convicted.

“Ian Chang on more than one occasion mentioned that that boy should have never been in jail, that he should have never been charged with murder,” said Ramotar adding, “he [Deo] was not a dangerous person so to speak.”

Dead: Vishnu Bhim
Dead: Vishnu Bhim

The child killer, who is now 39, was just 19 – years – old when he kidnapped and murdered the 8 – year-old, who was on his way home from school. He had reportedly demanded a ransom of $1M.

Following the child’s murder, Deo was arrested in America Street, on December 1, 1994. He then led detectives to the boy’s body which was bound gagged and battered in the backdam at La Bonne Intention.



  1. I was living in Annandale one street in front of this family of the murdered child. The truth is this case was never proven in court because bribe was passed. Courts furniture had offered the child father a furniture contract that was supposed to go to a MAN by the name of KUTT (who is a wealthy business man in the same furniture business). The murder accused (was 19 at the time working for KUTT) – he went to the child father house and beg him for a job- stating that KUTT fired him! The morning the child was kidnapped, he was on his way to school -Lusignan Primary! Kutt paid so much money to get his name cleared from this case, just like he paid to get his son release for the murder of his daughter-in-law! The cases is a bogus case because the real culprit is still living freely…..Guyana money talks and bullshit walks! People need to educate themselves about what really transpired because making stupid comments.

  2. Mr. Ramotar should change his name to Lamator ,never heard of such ignorance from a man who was a leader.He must have gotton some payoff.

  3. OMG, words fail me. Didn’t know the parents were still grieving…….good God. I’m
    done with this, my head is aching.

  4. Children are not. Safe with him on the freedom street his parents my hip and eyes a crime was committed he should have completed the full time. No pardon for him moda sick my. Rear end is d people only child too

  5. What an embarrassment to this country!!! You make me sick Ramotar!! I feel sorry for you, you have apparently lost your mind or you have become an imbecile. People like you should not become leaders or anything close to that much more a President. I know for sure you have opened those UNHEALED wounds of this child parents. SHAME ON YOU!!

  6. Keith Williams, you sound intelligent, but you’re an idiot. Firstly, many people did not vote for the PPP because its leaders were smart, they voted because the PNC was racist and dumber. If they did not vote, then the PNC would have won. Secondly, the present cabals aren’t better. Have you ever heard Harpman, Greenidge and cockeye (just to name a few) open their mouths? I swear, my 7-YO daughter can be more articulate and logical.

  7. That man deserved a life sentence.He was an adult when he committed that crime.There is no justification for his release.The question is still unanswered.We need valid reason for his release.

  8. the former president speaks….how sad he did not had a mind of his own during his tenure.
    this is the man that said the Nandalal tape should be sent for authenticity,even
    though Nandalal didn’t ask for that.

  9. Lord Jesus I ‘ve heard this man talk shit before but now I an just stunned.There is no logical explanation for his action and statement except he is brain damage and emotionally retarded.What an a***ole.The worst president Guyana ever had when using consider intelligence.

  10. Dear INEWS, Please get a comment from Ian Chang on this matter..Further this is one for your man on the street views so the current Government could be on notice. Shameful Mr. Ramotar.

  11. This is asinine! Simple, really. What would he(Ramotar) want done to someone if they killed his child? And Ian Chang, what was this guy smoking? No wonder the country sucks.

  12. He still did not say why he pardoned the prisoner! His statements make no sense. So he simply pardons a murderer without any sort of investigation into the case. What is the reasoning behind this? In a society where justice is a scarce commodity, to then go and do something like this… All the more why these people were removed from office. Ramotar will barely be remembered by anyone. The president that could have been great, that could have changed things up, but was just a simple lackey at the end of it all. A waste.

  13. Rumatar, are you freaking kidding me? What kind of a dumb a** are you? Who cares if his parents died or were dying. What that has to do with Deo killing an innocent 8-YO. Did you contact the 8-YO parents to find out how they felt about your stupid idea? Presidents should be held accountable for such poor decisions.

  14. So there you have it folks. Read and hang your head in shame Guyanese. Yes, this is what you voted in as president A man who might be the only person on the face of the earth, including murderers, rapists, child killers etc, who considers it rational to propose that there is some time window after which a parent gets over the loss of a child. That after a period, the wounds opened by such loss heals.

    Guyana has become dumb because for 23 years the most dumb people were calling the shots. And today they continue to present us with corroborating evidence that that in terms of democratic integrity and human intellectualism, they represent a cross between the porcine characters in George Orwell’s Animal farm, and the human characters in the movie Idiocrasy. For never in the history of human societies have so few been able to contaminate so many with the rabid diseases of backwardness, imbecility, and nescience, just to cite a few.

    They always advise people that it is better to maintain their silence and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and have that assumption confirmed. Every time, without fail, that the last two previous Presidents open their pie holes it makes one flinch when one recalls that the once were in charge of a country. It makes one nauseous to contemplate that there a people in Guyana who found it rational to vote for these two idiots.

    No, I am not going to be politically correct here. There is too much of this. I do not believe that either Cheddie Jagan or Janet Jagan were ineligible to be national leaders because of lack of cognitive resources. I might disagree with them politically and philosophically, but I would never doubt that they were possessed of the cognitive and intellectual resources to be leaders of a country. But I adamantly argue that neither Jagdeo or Ramotar were cognitively or intellectually qualified for that position, a Ministerial position, or any position that require the capacity to reason, that required the attributes of sound mind and discretion. And those who voted for them continuously should hang their heads in shame for the devastating effect their electoral decision had on our Country.

  15. How in the name of God can our ex President make a statement like his? Is he in his right senses, utter stupidity for him to say that he did not know that the parents were still grieving, there is no expiration date on Grief. Why shouldn’t he be charged for a kidnapping and murder that he admitted , he knew where the child’s body was buried.He should rot in jail. Ramotar is a senile old man. I feel revolted by his statement.

  16. Wow. Of all the prisoners in guyana this is who you picked to pardon. Know see why Barrat did not consider you for any office.

  17. Ramotar …just think if it was one of your kids…would you not be grieving?
    OMG for a grown man…your logics or lack of it baffles the mind.
    KEY WORDS: Kidnapped, demanded ransom, murdered, even led detective to the body.

  18. He should have been hanged, I would be happy if the legal system could find some way to rearrest him, try him, sentence him to death. He is a demon who deserve to be out of this world

  19. Mr. Ramotar, if that was my child, I would be grieving until the day I die.

    iNews, did you reached out to Ian Chang before publishing this?

  20. wow! this is what happens when u take a retarded dunce fool and make him the president of a nation dam u ramnoswar

  21. Excuse me I worked with the Honourable Madam Justice Claudette Singh in that Murder trial…what crap the accused did not deserve to be in prison. What right he had to kill a child..that child mother’s pain was uncontrollable in the Court room..Deo no pie..I am so sorry he was not hanged. He deserve to die too!!!..bare in mind that child’s mother took 12 yrs to conceive him…at age 8 he kidnapped him and murdered him….where is the justice for that mother . Also to the former President should know through out that trial Deo had no remorse ( he was always smiling and grinning)..what a bitch I wish the death penalty be enforce!!!! especially for him…he wants his life his freedom. what happen to that child did he deserve to die like that???????

  22. he was not suppose to be pardon he is a child killer he will do it again to someone else child , look what he did n have my only child how would i fell if someone murder him

  23. Justice Chang stated on many occassions that the “boy should not have been charged”? Can we have the reasoning behind this? He certainly was guilty beyond reasonable doubt, so why on earth in a very civilized society would he not be charged with murder in a case that is so blatently obvious.

  24. Ramotar, Ramotar, Ramotar wow! If the child that was murdered so cruel for a ransom was a family or relative to the ex president would he have pardoned him and then he is saying that a top person in the judiciary system is saying he should not have went to jail? Well that judge suppose to be under scrutiny by the new government. What an ex government. No wonder Guyana was in the top ten most current countries


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