Ramotar Blames US for spill of arms into Guyana/Caribbean


5[www.inewsguyana.com] – President Donald Ramotar while speaking to Guyanese in the US at a public meeting, weighted in on the US inability to control its borders, hence allowing the spill of arms into Guyana and the Caribbean.

“There is a direct link to the gun control here in the US and the Caribbean” Ramotar said.

While the trade of guns and drugs contributes to crime in Guyana, Ramotar explained that the government is fiercely working to combat the situation and create stability and peace. He admitted that it’s a rough situation, but noted that Guyana is not the worst in the Caribbean.

Among the attendees in the packed ballroom were supporters of the Government, the PPP, conservatives and opposition. The President harnessed on the opportunity to highlight the need to build on Guyana’s growing diversity, explaining that it’s a pathway to eradicate racism.

Ramotar noted that not only the flow of Brazilians, Venezuelans, Chinese and other nationalities into Guyana add to the rich culture, but it adds tremendously to Guyana’s growing economy.

President Ramotar said his Government will spare no effort to create equal opportunity for all Guyanese. He noted, “It’s necessary to create equal opportunity for everyone in Guyana.” He claimed that ‘equal opportunity’ would significantly impact the lives of individuals, families and the economy as a whole.

Government delegation attended the meeting and led by President Donald Ramotar were: Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh; Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett; Ambassadors, George Talbot and Bayney Karran and Consul General, Brentol Evans.


Meanwhile, about fifteen members of the joint opposition (APNU and AFC) held a picketing exercise across the street from the Church Street Woodbine Ballroom. The protesters were loud and vocal on their grievances. Holding placards that read ‘Rohee Must Go’, the picketers shouted ‘Donald ya got no shame.’ However, their actions did no distract attendees from attending the meeting. Apart from a few heckling in the meeting room, the meeting ended with a high note as President Ramotar and First Lady, Deolatchmie Ramotar participated in karaoke.

President Ramotar and dignitaries were safe at all times under the watchful eyes and heavily armed Secret Service Agents and NYPD offices.

(By Anter Narine)



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