Ramotar; APNU up the ante on LGE debacle

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.
Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.
Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – While the Leadership Council of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has endorsed the plan of action by the Party in demanding Local Government Elections (LGE), President Donald Ramotar has written to Opposition Leader, David Granger inviting him to discuss ‘critical issues.’

The APNU in a press statement today noted that the Leadership Council also endorsed the demand for the President to issue the ‘commencement order’ to operationalize the Local Government Commission and for the President to assent to the Local Government (Amendment) Bill.

“Attending today’s meeting were representatives from the Bakja Peoples Movement; The Guyana Association of Local Authorities (GALA); The National Front Alliance(NFA); The National Democratic Front (NDF); The National Emancipation Trust (NET); Peoples National Congress Reform(PNCR); Pan African Movement; The United Force (TUF); Working Peoples Alliance(WPA),” the APNU statement noted.

Meanwhile, President Ramotar took note of Granger’s report in the media that there will be protests in support for LGE.

“At the same time, the media reports your calls for meetings with my Administration on other critical issues affecting Guyana.

“I must, for the record, express my deep reservation about this media based communication style you have recently adopted in dealing with my Office. There is nothing that my team and I have done to prompt you to disregard our usual format. As such, I again extend to you an opportunity at your convenience to meet on these critical issues,” the President wrote.

He concluded that his team will be on standby to meet with Granger.



  1. Can a duck drown? LMAO!!!
    I told you guys that the clarification that Ramotar sought from Granger on his LGE ultimatum was actually a manifestation of confusion in the PPP, because all along it was catering for the no-confidence vote next month, but once Granger issued the ultimatum, it threw the Cup off the counter and onto the floor where the rats are running all over it. The PPP cannot figure out how to go forward now with LGE behind and GR&E in front. It is called PRESSURE, and I keep saying to folks that once the PPP feels PRESSURE, it will cave like a sand castle on a seashore with lashing waves.

    “Come, David, please come and let us talk. I am confused. Clarify my mind! You want a Lexus? I can have the GRA give you one…”


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