Ramotar accuses Gov’t of misusing security forces – warns about ‘a military government in civilian garbs’


Former Guyanese Head of State, Donald Ramotar, is highly concerned about the manner in which the eight-month-old APNU+AFC administration is utilising the country’s security forces which he deems to be a blatant ‘misuse’.

Former President Donald Ramotar
Former President Donald Ramotar

He told INews that in light of a recent controversial covert operation being botched, and reports surfacing that the army had been “tracking down people” it has since caused many persons to become alarmed at this fact.

“I am just concerned about the fact that the army was involved in tracking down people and following people.  The President, Mr David Granger himself is on record saying that the army and the police should have separate functions and now he doesn’t want a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to explain to the Guyanese people what the army was doing, following a child who has no relationship with anything,” Ramotar charged.

The former Head of State pointed out that President Granger cannot speak from “both sides of his mouth” on such issues where he is declaring that the army must not be involved with the Guyana Police Force (GPF)  and at the same time ranks of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) begins “following people” around.

“What is the army actually doing? What has happened with Winston Brassington’s daughter to have the Intelligence in the army following her around? This has led to the unnecessary deaths of three people,” Ramotar posited.

According to the former President, such action is a clear indication of the direction in which this country is heading.

“We have a military government in civilian garbs,” Ramotar added.

He reiterated the call for a CoI to be launched into the botched operation which resulted in the death of Sergeant Pyle, his wife Stacy and a canter truck driver when their vehicles collided with each other on Carifesta Avenue on the night of December 30th, 2015. (Kristen Macklingam)










  1. CleveM, how confident are you that the people voted for this Granger Military led administration? There are enough documentary evidences and eye witness accounts of PPPC election officers being prevented from witnessing vote counts in a number of polling stations. Where they were allowed to, their results were different from the ones done by the returning officers, clearly sympathetic to APNU. Further, one of the Gecom officials Keith Lowenfield, admitted that there were a number of fake statements of polls. Where did they come from? He said that they were not used to verify the final count but offered no other comment if those were the only ones. When the PPPC asked for recount , Gecom flatly refused. Why? This request for recount is a practice in many countries and more especially those countries that adopted the west minister model of governance like Guyana. Why is Gecom now trying in the courts to block the recount? PNC, backed by the ABC countries, is back to its rigging days. The current administration is now a PUPPET of those same countries that have no interest in seeing a United Guyana because it would be to their Geopolitical disadvantage

  2. PNC supporters are defending the new PNC Regime ..soon the “House Of Israel” TERRORISTS will be murdering priests again!

  3. OK People lets have the facts spell out before we get into living in the PAST based on how the PPP rule the country! The people of Guyana voted the PNC into power hoping for a change….here is what they got so far: 9 loans in 9 months from various countries where ZERO dollars were re-invested into the economy to boot revenue…instead these ministers took a salary increase with the loans! Economy went down by a whopping 3.4% (rice industry is dead, sugar industry is dead, crime rate is so high even tourism is dead)….Dictatorship has began similar to Burhnam days! We, the people of Guyana want educated leaders…not dictators. We want people who can boost the economy and take the country to the next level….seems like the Granger led administration lack the visibility to be leaders…So with those facts, I suggest no one can run from the fact that Guyana is back to the 70s and 80s….now pray to god that Granger does not pull another Burhnam and rig elections for the next 30 years or Guyana will be worst than Zimbabwe to live!

  4. Ramotar I think it’s time for you shut up, for 23 years you and your cabal has abused the nation in all fashion, you are not in any authority to make complain.

  5. I fully support your comment on this subject Mr Ramotar. The recent incident did, indeed, raised many questions as to why and was it necessary for the arm forces to spy on Mr Brassingtons kids.’Was it really even a case of mistaken identity? Or was there a hidden motive in persuing Ms Seebarran? Many unanswered questions. Who is the next innocent victim?

  6. YOU PEOPLE HAVE GOT GUTS to be making statements about the misuse of anything, when you have not only misused, but BUSED for 23 years. ramotar, you and bha-RAT are criminals, and should be locked away for 23 years, the amount of time you’ve caused suffering on Guyanese.


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