Ramjattan has no authority to enforce 2:00AM decree – Attorney

Vice President with responsibility for Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
Vice President with responsibility for Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
Vice President with responsibility for Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall says that Vice President and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan lacks the authority to enforce an antiquated law which stipulates that bars, restaurants and night clubs should be closed by 2:00AM.

The enforcement of the law came into play at the weekend and while some proprietors heeded warnings and stopped their operations at the prescribed time, others ignored it.

According to Nandlall, the granting of licenses for the sale of intoxicating liquor, the regulation of such sale and the control of licensed premises, are largely governed by The Intoxicating Liquor Licenses Act and The Licensed Premises Act. Most of these licenses are granted by the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority.

“The opening and closing hours of those licensed premises are fixed by law in the legislation. There is reference in both Acts to a “Minister”. However “Minister” is not defined. But it is beyond doubt that these Acts are administered by the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority. The subject minister of the Guyana Revenue Authority is the Minister of Finance not the Minister of Public Security, hitherto Minister of Home Affairs,” said Nandlall.

He pointed out too that careful examination of the gazette under the Public Security Minister shows that the administration of the Intoxicating Liquor Licenses Act and The Licensed Premises Act are not among his responsibilities.

“So from whence is Mr. Ramjattan deriving his authority to impose this curfew? The curfew itself seems to be in contravention of the hours of opening and closing which are fixed by the law. As far as I am aware, these have not been changed by way of any amendment, regulation or order issued by the relevant subject minister. So it would appear that not only is Mr Ramjattan acting ultra vires his authority, but he may be violating the relevant law,” the Former AG stated.



  1. 2am curfew may held to reduce noise disturbances at night, but it would not do a hill of beans, for crimes. Many of Guyana’s heinous crimes are committed in the afternoon hours, in bright day light, next door to the eyes and ears of many people in their community.

  2. This same man anil nandlall come to usa an abide with the law what the problem? Just want to brain wash those ppp supporter all over again

  3. Calm down Air head whether or not Ramjattan has the right to enforce the law, you cannot run from the fact that the law says to shut the bars down at 2am. Any questions?.. Dont be a sheep! dont follow blindly, analyze before you pen, I know Anil uses a lot of big words but dont fall for a susbstance less arguement…. or hell do as you your seem just as dumb as hitman nandall

  4. I am with the Minister all the way. I would have preferred a 12 midnight curfew instead. Mr. Minister this noise nuisance is killing people, please do something about it, especially the vehicles, all types, including the private cars.

  5. What about the cool down carts that sells alcohol don’t they have a law that states you must have a licence to sell alcohol?

  6. Myself and others are wondering why this particular topic is repeating itself on Inews.

    I might be wrong, but people are beginning to think that this publication has an interest in a particular bar or night club, or is pushing to represent someone in that fraternity’s interest.

    The law is the law. We are fed up of reading twisted sides of one story over and over.

    I don’t know what nonsense Nandalall saying now.

    All the Government will do is direct Sattaur to enforce it, and he would gladly do so since his job is hanging in the balance.

  7. Cayman is one of the worlds top tourist destinations and a 2AM curfew is enforced Mondays to Fridays and 12AM on Saturdays and Sundays, so why the beef about these changes? The problem with Nandlall and his comrades is they are satisfied with the Hell Guyana has become under the PPP stewardship, anything that was criminal and lawless the PPP was associated with. A new Sherriff is in town and he and his men are trying to change the status quo, so fools like yourself who share the same views and opinions, need to tow the darn line!

  8. This man is such an “edeot” that it baffles everyone. Does anyone in Guyana has any authority to regulate society for the good of every citizen? Or is it the tactics here is to let crime get so bad so that the people blame the new government. A record is being kept and crime seems to be as a planned escalation with the PPP objecting to any and every measure taken to prevent this situation for going in the wrong direction.

    Is There a PPP sabotage act in play as part of their wider strategy.?Are they now engaging their phantom squad to escalate crime and criminality on the East Indian population to keep them in check? There seem to definitely be some form of planned activity going on.

  9. Don’t make me laugh…now professional (and I’m joking here) letter writer,
    Nandlall questioning the legality of keeping a 2am curfew on clubs, bars and drinking establishments….welcome to the civilised and law-abiding world…Something you know jack-s**t about…and before spending hours penning letters to fill up your boring, day to day existence, this is what is done in many countries globally, its called law and order…..Your problem is that your friends are not cashing in on late nite drinking and lawlessness which y’all presided….now its called Law and Order, so get over it

  10. Congradulations on the wonderful work yiu are doing. I believe you are the right man for this job.

    Dear Minister Ramjattan,
    I am one happy citizen with the initiative you have taken as it relates to closing the nights spots at 2am, sorry it couldn’t be earlier cause a lot of persons are still boozed up when they go into work and can’t function in a professional manner.

    Another big issue alot of citizens are crying out for is the noise nuisance act to be reinforced. This lawless behaviour takes place alot more in the country area and many times when law abiding citizens go to the district police stations to lodge their complaints, there is never vehicles available to accompany us to the site to stop this bare face, self centered acts by the power drunk citizens who most of time feels they are above the law. Minister Ramjattan if you check the countless reports over the years as it relates to noise nusisance. I am sure there are others who haven’t lodged their complaints because of fear for their lives and their love ones.

    We need to feel safe in our own community. REGULAR spot checks by the police is especially needed in the country area.

    Please help fight Noise Nusisace in our community and with our public transportation.

    Kindest regards,


  11. anil shut up you do not make sense, you all and is notting but a bunch of lawless hooligans, with no respect for human decencey, kemeraj is doing his work, and i feel and think mr kemeraj is doing an excellent job,
    as you and your kind always sit in shit, until some one tells u that u smells, enven then you would not wake up, cause your head is full of shit,
    why dont you say some about the missing bilions, and roger khan, and the phanton gang, and how roger khan got hold of a computer that is so high tec, because you guys give him it, i do hope mr GRANGER, LOCK U GUYS UP, AND THROW AWAY THE KEY, YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN LAW, WHY NOT APPLY FOR A JOB WITH M.C.C, COUNCIL

  12. We cannot give way to hasty conclusions on Mr. Ramjattan’s authority to impose a curfew. If the statute references a Minister as the actor in such a situation then any minister to whom the case is relevant can make such pronouncements. In this event, Mr. Ramjattan is the most appropriate minister to impose sanctions. What does GRA boss or the Finance Minister have to do with maintaining the peace? Let’s not misunderstand the context in which limitation by curfew was taken. We have a lawless state of affairs in Guyana concerning noise pollution through partying at night clubs as just one source. Outside of murders and other violent activity, there are also many accidents occurring at nights that are alcohol related. We must reserve to argue for the morally correct things. In fact it is morally incorrect to argue in support of things that continue to erode good norms in our society. Why can’t we have a fulfilled party stint by 2:00am? Goodness!

  13. yea close the bars 2 am is too late it should have been 10 ppl smart the close the bars at 2 last night and people was still inside drinking

  14. Did RAMJATTAN have the Authority to make the law of Guyana ????? Who the hell is he ??? If can break the laws of Guyana ,then how can he tell Guyanese to obey it ??? What a fool he is trying to control Guyana na way it can’t happen


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