Ramjattan, Cathy Hughes to be AFC Vice Presidents


By Jomo Paul

L – R: AFC Executive Member, Beverly Alert; AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan and Cathy Hughes. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Moses Nagamootoo – Prime Ministerial candidate for the newly formed Alliance For Change (AFC) / A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) coalition – has revealed the Party’s two nominations for the Vice Presidency at the upcoming polls.

According to the Cummingsburg Accord, AFC would be given the opportunity to elect two Vice Presidents, if a new government is formed after the elections. Nagamootoo said AFC’s Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, is the nominee for Vice President and would also be responsible for Home Affairs.

He noted Ramjattan would be able to “suppress the episodes of criminal attacks on our citizens.” The other Vice President post he revealed would go to AFC’s Member of Parliament, Cathy Hughes.

“I joined force for a new Guyana when a young woman like my young sister Cathy Hughes could be a Vice President to give meaning and direction to youth policies, gender issues, tourism, cultural development so that we could create a new Guyana brand of who we are,” he said in a Facebook post.

He also revealed that AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes would be steering Guyana’s constitutional reform process but did not say what capacity this would be in.

Nagamoootoo made it clear too that the AFC would be having direct responsibility for the Agriculture sector.

“The AFC must hold the portfolio of Agriculture to make sure that sugar workers are protected and that rice farmers get the price for the paddy they deserve without being tear-gassed or stripped naked.”

Should the new coalition form government, the AFC is guaranteed 12 seats in the National Assembly.