Quick response by Fire Service averts major fire at Midtown Hotel


The quick response of the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) averted a potentially catastrophic situation at the Midtown Hotel Restaurant & Bar located at 176 Middle Street, Georgetown, after a fire erupted late Monday afternoon.

The fire started at about 17:30h on the day in question in one of the rooms in the upper flat of the three-storey building.

According to information received, a security guard on duty at a nearby business observed smoke emanating from the upper flat of the building and immediately summoned the GFS.

The tenders along with the firemen responded promptly and managed to extinguish the blaze before it escalated.

Fire Chief Marlon Gentle, who was at the scene, stated, “We are just treating it as a first alarm fire. The fire was in the upper floor; so far, there are damages to about four rooms and some parts of the ceiling. The fire service responded within 4-5 minutes, and they were able to save this building.”

It is unclear what may have caused the fire, but the Guyana Fire Service is continuing the investigations.