PYO threatens to expose racism of Opposition members


[] –The Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/) has threatened to expose persons within the Opposition coalition who they accused of practising racism.

The PYO made this revelation in a statement, defending remarks made by Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo at Babu John.

“Over the next few days, the PYO will expose the crass and vile nature of some of the persons within the APNU/AFC coalition alliance pointing out clearly instances and empirical evidence to prove that they engage in racist acts while on the campaign trail and against our membership via their talks shows, public meetings and other encounters.”

According to the PYO, “it has already started compiling the information for an expose.”

The youth organization noted that the practice of Opposition leaders at the last elections where racist remarks were being preached would have never been condoned within the ranks of the PPP.

The release added that the former President made it clear that “anybody from our Party who uses that sort of language we’ll kick them out.”

iNews had reported that APNU’s General Secretary, Joseph Harmon noted that the Party will not take this type of behavior from Jagdeo, “sitting down.” He noted that the APNU intends to write the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and other local and international agencies as it relates to the statements made by the Former President, since he is creating “racial incitement.”

But the PYO questioned: “How can this be interpreted as promoting racial incitement or racial divisions?

“Clearly, Harmon and his media cohorts are attempting to deceive the Guyanese public about both the spirit and context of Jagdeo’s speech…The PYO believes strongly that Harmon made a major political mistake when he decided to dance to the drums of the media without first verifying the context of the statement’s Jagdeo made, unless he was there hiding amidst our supporters.”

The PYO has instead accused the press of attempting to put words into the mouth of the Party’s General Secretary, Clement Rohee which was aimed at, “grabbing sensational sound bites and headlines which would back up their earlier reports about the imagined vulgarity and vile nature of Jagdeo’s rebuke of the opposition.”

The PYO said that Rohee on Monday clarified that part of the PPP/C’s support base is predominately East Indian despite its multi-ethnic composition.

“He never made any admission that the PPP/C was only a “coolie party” and was engaged in acts that appealed to race.”

The PYO also condemned what it calls the opposition’s attempt to create manufactured controversies in society by using media provocateurs to twist facts and misquote senior PPP officials by taking their statements out of context.