Punitive parking meter measures, clamping vehicles, issuing fines suspended


… until further consultations held- Harmon

Following the engagement with President David Granger on the highly controversial parking meter project, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has agreed to put a halt on clamping of vehicles and fines in order to pave the way for more consultations.

State Minister Joseph Harmon

State Minister Joseph Harmon announced earlier today at a post Cabinet presser that the M&CC will be suspending all punitive measures of the parking meter project in order to facilitate wider consultations.

‘These punitive aspects would include the clamping of vehicles and fining motorists’ he outlined. 

According to Harmon, during the suspension period, the City Council will engage with stakeholders to determine how the project can be adjusted to satisfy all parties.

These decisions arose out of an meeting between Mayor Patrice Chase Green and Town Clerk Royston King and members of Central Government which was led by President David Granger on Wednesday at the State House.

The meeting took place on the heels of two massive protests against the parking meter initiative, the most recent calling for the project to be scrapped.

Notably, an application was also filed calling for the by-laws to be quashed said Harmon.

The State Minister explained that it is not in the interest of Central Government to intervene in the business of City Council but it became necessary in this situation because of the strategic importance of Georgetown.  

Just recently, the President ordered that the rates for the parking meters be lowered in light of the mounting criticisms being levied by the populace, the business community, the political Opposition and even members of the incumbent governing administration, who all feet that the implemented parking meters should be suspended.



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