Public Service COI Commissioners unsure of salary

Chairman and Commissioners of the Puiblic Service COI

By Jomo Paul

Chairman and Commissioners of the Puiblic Service COI
Chairman and Commissioners of the Puiblic Service COI

[] – The recently appointed Commissioners to the Public Service Ministry Commission of Inquiry (COI) may be working for free, having told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 that they are unaware of their salaries.

The Commissioners – Professor Harold Lutchman, Sandra Jones and Samuel Goolsaran – when asked about their personal remuneration at a press conference to announce the commencement of the COI, were unable to provide a figure.

In fact, lead Commissioner Lutchman asked that such questions be directed to the politicians.

“I have not stipulated nor have I asked how much you are going to pay me. I don’t think that was a major concern for any of us here. We wanted to do a professional job in the interest of our country and the public interest,” said Lutchman.

It was noted too that even if the remuneration happens to be a paltry sum, the Commissioners would be unfettered.

Meanwhile, the Commissions Secretary, Geeta Chandan – Edmond related that statements have already been pouring in.

“We have received at least 30 memoranda from interested parties, interested persons, interested stakeholders…these statements came from all across the country. I have received statements from persons in Canada, in the US and this afternoon I received one from members in the UK,” said Chandan – Edmond.

The Commission is expected to have a life of three to five months with the possibility of a renewal should the Commissioners feel the need for more time. The public hearings, which are opened to the general public for oral presentations, will be conducted at the Secretariat Building of the Public Service Ministry on Waterloo Street, Georgetown.

The terms of reference of the COI states that it is to inquire into, report on, and make recommendations on the role, functions, recruitment process, remuneration and conditions of service for public servants. The Commission is also expected to determine measures to improve the efficiency of the public service. There will also be a detailed examination of how the salaries and wages are determined and allocated.



  1. It is always baffling to the average guyanese how the supporters of the PPP have voted against their self interest for over 20 years, and then you read a comment like DKs and it is crystal clear that some of us are not blessed with a modicom of common sense and our intellect has betrayed us or we never had any. These unfortunate people are then exploited by unscrupulous politicians who prey on their semi-literacy to hold onto political power, in spite of being corrupt. If you listen to the racist drivel of some of our former “so called leaders” you wonder if they were elected to office in a country of educated people, who actually thought about the benefit that their will afford them, or if they were just a semi-literate mod exploited by a corrupt group of politicians. If you cannot see the damage that your party has bought to guyana (Marriot, Berbice Bridge, NICIL Skeldon Factory etc etc) you deserve what they gave you.

  2. This guy is very versed when it comes to BULL, the peepeepee got donations from who,or all the did was rape the treasury,,,I can tell you a long list of name that donated ,,,Roger K was one, he was not a car salesman, so stop your bull and think positive,the election is over,start working to improve our country,

  3. Public Service COI Commissioners unsure of salary
    Working for free case closed. They will never agree to anything when it comes to money. They will never disclosed their local and foreign assets. They will never want campaign reform where they will have to disclose their donors. The big joke of the century is PNC said they can’t disclosed their donors out of fear.Fear of who or whom they failed to say. The entire world knows PNC have no major financial donors. PNC biggest donors are ABC countries whom all know PNC support base in minority and would never win an election in Guyana ever. Major businesses all knows PNC past atrocities committed on citizens and business people in Guyana.


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