Public Health nurses complain of not being paid in over 4 months

Georgetown Public Hospital

By Ramona Luthi

Nurses attached to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) contacted INews on  Monday to vent their anger and frustration of not being paid by their employer for a period of over four months.

According to the affected persons, every attempt made by them to speak to the Permanent Secretary and other members of authority within the MoPH proved futile, since all they were constantly being told was that “you’re not the only one” and “to have patience.”

One nurse highlighted that since having been employed [over four month’s] she is yet to receive a salary from the Ministry.

INews understands that according to the protocol of the entity, newly recruited nurses are only paid after their probation period of three months, is over.

“Last month made three months. That was my probation period. I haven’t been paid yet” one young woman related.

“It’s approaching five months!” said another.

Additionally, this online publication was informed that further probes made by the nurses in relation to their outstanding salaries resulted in them being informed that their names had been submitted to the Public Service Commission (PSC), and that a signature is being awaited.

“They said they have to wait on a signature to release our salaries. That’s all we hearing. How are we expected to report to work on a daily basis when we aren’t even being paid? And if yuh absent one day, they threatening to write yuh up,” a nurse explained.

Meanwhile, when INews contacted the Principle Personnel Officer (PPO) within the Ministry of Health, Chetwin Phoenix, he noted that he did not have the authority to relay information to the media. However, while he did not confirm nor deny the claims of nurses not being paid, he urged that the affected persons report the matter to him so that it can be addressed.

“I would love to request that the persons come to talk to me at the Ministry of Public Health and let me see exactly where their matters are because we continue to get stuff from the Public Service Commission as recent as this morning…I don’t want to come across as being reluctant to provide information…the framework that I work within, it is difficult for me to engage the media…” he said.

Furthermore, he referred this publication to speak to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Collette Adams for a more detailed response.

However, staff at Adams’ office noted that the PS was out of the country, and as such, this media entity was referred to the Deputy PS, who up to press time was not available to speak to this online publication.



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