PSC welcomes American Chambers of Commerce in Guyana

Members of AmCham, the PSC and US Ambassador among others
The US Ambassador (center) flanked by AmCham and PSC members, among others

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Monday welcomed the newly formed American Chambers of Commerce in Guyana, (AmCham) by hosting a grand lunch on Monday evening following the official launch of the Commerce.

The luncheon was attended by US Ambassador, Perry Holloway, CEO of GPL, Albert Gordon, and CEO of GWI, Dr Richard Van West Charles while AmCham was represented by its President, Zulfikar Ally, Ms Liz Wyatt and Clairmont Cummings.

The visiting delegation from the US Chamber of Commerce was headed by Vice-President for the Americas, Ms Anne McKinney who was accompanied by George Kalantzakis and Mitchell De Silva.

AmCham was welcomed by Past Chairman of the Private Sector Commission and Coordinator, Manniram Prashad.

Ambassador Holloway in lauding the collaboration stated that businesses between the two countries is the “best kind of diplomacy”.

McKinney in her brief remarks at the luncheon expressed her enthusiasm for working with the Commerce’s noting that AmCham will strengthen the two-way trade between America and Guyana.

During an official launching held on Monday evening at the Marriot Hotel, AmCham’s President, Ally said the Chamber plans to place emphasis on small businesses to ensure that they, too, have opportunities to grow.

“We see this Chamber as a Chamber that will help to facilitate investment into Guyana. There are 116 chambers all around the world and… our job will be to help to facilitate and guide [businesses],” he said.

Ally added that AmCham Guyana will be committed to working with both businesses and Government to ensure that the objective of promoting growth is achieved.

He said the Chamber hopes to augment and expand existing US/Guyana trade and investment relations, but will also work to improve the investment climate and strengthen the private sector.

While noting that there are some challenges, he noted that businesses can only operate in a climate where there is ease and efficiency, and in a place where it is safe to conduct business as well.

AmCham said its purpose is to “promote America–Guyana bilateral trade opportunities and activities; to improve market access for America-Guyana goods and services; to provide an economic, social, and policy platform for its members; to encourage networking and build business connections, among others.”

The current board is comprised of a dynamic mix of both local, regional, and U.S directors who are eager to dedicate their service, knowledge, and expertise to ensuring a productive start for the chamber.

Members of the Board include: Zulfikar Ally, Queens Atlantic; Clairmont Cummings, Corum Group; Liz Wyatt, Sol Guyana; Dave Kissoon, London House Chambers; Justin Nedd, GTT; Rod Henson, ExxonMobil; Davie Sukdeo, Guyana Marriott; George Kalantzakis, HESS Corporation; Rafael Nabi, Nabi Construction Inc; Ms Saskia Wigingaarde, RED Entertainment; Yolander Persaud, Massy Group Guyana; Jorge Medina, MACORP, Richard Sammy, Republic Bank; Marisca Jordan, RAMPS Logistics; Andrew Mendonza, Baker Hughes and Fitzroy McLeod, NAMILCO.


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