PSC was never asked to support UG; Persaud says strike should end as soon as is “practicable”


By Jomo Paul

[] – Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) Ramesh Persaud has revealed that the Commission was never approached to provide support or funding to the University of Guyana (UG).

Persaud, in a recorded telephone interview with iNews, made the revelation while pointing out that the issue of support for the university is not one that has been considered.

“It is not a matter that has been considered as yet,” he said.

UG – Guyana’s sole state-owned tertiary education institution – has been in a state of derelict for quite some time now owing to improper facilities and the unavailability of basic furniture for students to utilize for classes.

At present, the University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS) has initiated a #UGRevolution with the hopes of correcting the ills at the learning institution.

The placard used by Professor Opadeyi during his protest.

Vice Chancellor of UG, Professor Jacob Opadeyi in a recent one man protest was adamant that Guyana’s private sector should see it fit to invest in the education of young Guyanese by supporting the University.

During his protest he had in his possession several placards, one of which read “DDL, GGMC, Banks DIH, Private Sectors; Give our UG a New Library. Our students deserve more from you.”

With respect to the current industrial dispute at the University, the PSC Chairman said the two disputing parties should come to an “amicable solution” as soon as is “practicable.”