PSC calls on Govt to respect CJ’s ruling


The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has raised concerns at several statements made by the government and its representatives about the business of the government continue as normal in light of the decision of the High Court on the passage of the no confidence resolution.

The PSC in a missive stated that from all indications, it appears that statements issued by the Department of Public Information are deliberately intended to mislead the public.

“We must underline the fact that, when the Attorney General sought a Conservatory Order from the Chief Justice to preserve the “status quo ante”, his application was rejected by the Chief Justice. Clearly, therefore, in the view of the Commission, her ruling remains in place unless successfully appealed in a superior court. The Commission, as a consequence, expects the President and his government to respect and honour the decision of the Chief Justice and to proceed to have elections held no later than March 21st as required by Article 106(7) of the Constitution”, the PSC stated.

The Commission reminded that the Chief Justice in her decision upheld Articles 106(6) and 106(7) of the Constitution that the government, while remaining in office with the President in place, does so without a functioning Cabinet which the Chief Justice deemed to have resigned since December 21, 2018.

The Commission further stated that it welcomes the statement by United Nations Resident Representative, Mikiko Tanaka, with regard to the ruling of the Chief Justice, calling upon the government to “demonstrate its integrity and respect of Guyana’s Constitution and the Judiciary that constitutes the foundations of the rule of law and good governance”.

In addition, the Commission also welcomes the statement by the Delegation of the European Union in Guyana calling on “all concerned parties and stakeholders to uphold the Constitution.”

The Delegation, it must be noted also “looks forward to free and fair elections being held as appropriate and in line with all Constitutional provisions”.

“The Private Sector Commission speaks not only for the business community with hundreds of billions invested in the development of our economy and the employment of some 60% of our workforce. In this case, we believe that we speak for the majority of the nation when we express our concern over public statements which deny the express ruling of the Chief Justice; statements which could lead our country into a situation of grave instability and an illegal government resulting”, the statement added.

This statement comes less than one day after President David Granger told supporters that he will not resign until a new president is elected. He also stated that his cabinet will remain in office since business continues as normal and that the government will exhaust all the legal avenues that are available.





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