Protest erupts at JFK after Dynamic flight cancelled until after Xmas

FLASHBACK: Stranded Dynamic Airways passengers at JFK Airport
Stranded Dynamic Airways passengers at JFK Airport
Stranded Dynamic Airways passengers at JFK Airport

[] – A protest erupted at JFK airport the morning of Christmas Eve, after 100 passengers were told they wouldn’t be making it home for the holidays.

The customers were set to board a jet to Guyana at Terminal 1 around 7 a.m. with Dynamic Airways when they were given the bad news.

Their flight was apparently overbooked and a PAPD source said the agency wouldn’t have a plane available until at least December 27.

By 9 a.m., about half of the fuming customers booked hotels or made other plans. There were at least 45 protesters remaining at the terminal holding up signs. [NY Post]

iNews had reported that frustrated passengers, travelling to Guyana for the holidays, complained to this news entity on December 21 of being left stranded at the JFK International Airport by Dynamic Airways which has developed quite a reputation in this regard.

Persons said when they arrived at Dynamic’s counter to check-in at 3:30 hours on Sunday there was no one there.

They were greeted by an automatic system when calls were placed to the airline, informing them that the flight was rescheduled for 7:30 due to maintenance issues.

One passenger told iNews that they stayed at the airport and when another call was placed to the airline, they were subsequently informed that check-in was once again changed to 21:00 hours with the flight expected to leave at 1:00 hours tomorrow, again because of “extended” maintenance issues.

“No agent has any knowledge of what is going on and Dynamic is not responding to any phone calls,” the passenger said.

Efforts to contact Captain Gerald Gouveia proved futile. Gouveia’s company – Roraima Airways – provides GSA services to Dynamic Airways.

The Airline has been affected by constant delays; hitting its first snag on its first flight from Guyana on June 27, which led the airline to fire its ground handler, causing hours of delay and missed connecting flights for its passengers.

The US based carrier returned to the Guyana marker recently promising better service but even that return was delayed by hours.




  1. I eventually was on the flight that left JFK airport on Tuesday Morning the 23rd at 0100. There were a lot of empty seats. When the plane landed in Georgetown, the pilot said he hoped that we would all fly Dynamic Air again. WE ALL LAUGHED IN UNISON!!

  2. Well i’m not surprise, i was one of the lucky one who didn’t step a foot at JFK until i was sure and even then when i check back the lying rep keep giving me new time, so i was able to cancel my flight and put my 3k back in my account.

    Don’t think i will every travel to Guyana again until a jetblue or delta or some good airline start to offer straight flight, Fly Ja would be good but i can’t deal with those long stop.

    If this corrupt government allow this airline to continue no Guyanese should every go back on holiday or send remittance back home for 2 years and let us see where the tourist that they does boost but will come from.

    Waste so much money preparing for my trip only to be held back with this bullsit. Wonder why Minister Ali or Goveria ain’t saying nothing, the people stock in Guyana should sue them for a few couple hundred gran US, no flight since Sunday and then these people still sticking around not sure if they will be back on a flight.


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