Project launched to standardise testing for renal marker

 Dr Julie Shaw
Dr Julie Shaw

[] – Local medical technologists and laboratories will benefit from a one year training project which has the primary aim of standardising  reporting of ‘estimated-Glomerular Filtration Rate’ (e-GFR) which is used to determine persons most at risk of kidney disease.

The first part of the project will focus on standardising how creatinine is measured in Guyana. Creatinine is a renal marker which is measured.

Principal investigator, Dr Julie Shaw says what the project aims to do is to standardise creatinine measurements across the country.

“Right now if you go from one lab or you go to another lab you get a different number. What we would like to do is standardise everything so you would get the same number no matter where you go.”

The project is funded by Grand Challenges- Canada and is in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Ceqal.

Yvette Irving, veteran medical technologist will be managing the initiative which so far has 17 local labs have enrolled.

The official launch for the project took place on Sunday October 6 at the Pegasus Hotel. [Delicia Fletcher]



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