Probe underway into issuance of ‘fake passports’ for Dataram, wife


A full investigation has been launched to determine the circumstances under which convicted drug lord Mr. Barry Dataram and his reputed wife, Ms. Anjanie Boodnarine were issued fake passports and that those culpable will face the harshest possible action.

barry-1According to reports, Mr. Dataram and Ms. Boodnaraine were arrested in Suriname on Friday and handed over to Guyanese authorities. The fake passports, which were found in their possession, bore the names David Persaud and Christine Persaud with the year of issue being 2013 and 2016 respectively.

Minister of Citizenship Mr. Winston Felix said the passports are now in possession of the police and that the investigation, which has been launched, will seek to determine the circumstances under which the passports were issued, who and what documents were involved in their preparation and the method of the husband and wife’s departure from Guyana.

The Ministry of Citizenship, which has responsibility for immigration services, inherited a number of challenges related to the integrity of systems when the new administration took office in May 2015 and have been working to correct these issues.

Mr. Dataram and his wife were, along with two others, charged with possession of 129.23kg of cocaine at his home for the purpose of trafficking on April 16, 2015. On September 27, 2016, Mr. Dataram was convicted and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment while Ms. Boodnaraine and the two other co-defendants were acquitted. Mr. Dataram was also fined $164, 286,000 for possession of cocaine.



  1. Greed and the so called “high life” now its time to pay the price,to look them away for life is a waste of tax payers money which can be spent in a more beneficial way ( help our elderly and needy),So i think we tie these good for nothings together in a bag and let them out to the sharks.

  2. COI Cash On In, is we time. This is nothing new or old,its just another fact of reality on how slack and shameful the system is and how innocent citizens have to line up for hours and go true all sorts of bullshi? trying to get a simple passport, A criminal and his wife can fill the pockets of some senior officials and KABOOM it’s done,now the pensioners in government will fill the bank account of themselves and some retired army officers with yet another bullshi? COI. GT like a dog chasing its tail .


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