Private accounts discovered in gov’t agencies; criminal proceedings likely

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon addressing reporters at the press conference.

By Fareeza Haniff

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon addressing reporters at the press conference.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon addressing reporters at the press conference.

[] – The new APNU+AFC government, in just less than a month in office, discovered private bank accounts in several State agencies and were being controlled by “certain persons,” according to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

While refusing to name the agencies due to an ongoing investigation, the Minister made it clear that criminal proceedings are likely to follow once it is found that there were illegal transactions.

“Once we find criminal transactions, there will be criminal proceedings; there is no bone about that,” the Minister told a news conference on Thursday, June 11 at the Ministry of Presidency.

iNews had reported that cabinet approved audits for over 30 State entities, and that the new Minister of Finance is ensuring that monies assigned to the Consolidated Funds are indeed going there.

Audits have already commenced at the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), the Guyana Gold Board (GCB) and National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).

The new government also discovered that there are bank accounts which were held at Bank of Guyana; the monies are now being paid into the Consolidated Fund.

“I am of the view that from my own understanding of how things were done, that we can be in a much better place in another month or so once we get a handle of all these transactions which were not finding themselves into the consolidated fund,” the Minister of State said.

Meanwhile, according to Harmon, the Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan has established an advisory team to assess the state of the country’s economy. The Minister explained that it is exactly one month now since elections and the new government is still trying to bring the country to a level of “regularity.”

“It is exactly one month since elections and a lot of things have happened between then and now; we’re asking for some level of patience and understanding. We’re trying to correct some of the things that have gone wrong in 23 years; we’re trying to correct it in 23 days,” Harmon said.



  1. Obviously you didn’t get a distinction in language arts. But aside from that, your version of “history” is sadly swayed by race and misinformation. I realize you have no idea what the ERP was about and as such your arguments are seriously flawed. It is very hard to have a debate with someone who isn’t aware of basic information.

  2. I love what PNC propaganda has done to the feeble minded. Even though hard facts speak for themselves, you will always have the ignorant believing what they have heard, or think they have the mental acuity to understand what is reality.I too would be jealous, filled with hatred if I did not have the brain power to understand that i need to have a job, save my money and strive to better myself.Would it not be a shame if I was bought to a foreign land, broke my bondage.Then another group of foreigners were bought in and as of current they have out prospered me.I would cry foul as we do in the United States.It’s not my fault.I am supposed to get a free pass because of my race…

  3. Macro economic programs of the PPP? Crap! Utter crap!
    The new regime does not even know what it actually inherited because of the culture of corruption affected almost every government entity and employee.
    Look, do not get me riled up this early Friday morning. Ramotar was a failure before he became President, so whatever corruption blossomed under Jagdeo, bore fruit under Ramotar.
    I do not know how this coalition government can work with someone like Ramotar or Jagdeo.

  4. you are rite i was not born then, nor was i born when the slave trade was going on nor when we gain Independence, however i learnt of our Independence through school and reading i got a distinction in Caribbean history because it was primary based on the slave trade in the Caribbean, now i wonder how did i attain this knowledge?. and to add we are dealing with the issue of theft which he part take of when he was in power. its that simple

  5. can we please stick to the topic and stop getting off course and remember the new government has to look good so we will see however lets hope the new government dont go down that road.

  6. fair enough but attacking me personally is not to ethical what i mention is facts and even though he aided in some restoration he STOLE and that the final issue. now think about this if when the PPP came into power and they were to jail or prosecute members of the opposition do you believe he would have been around today , NO. just that you no i am not engaging in mendacity however it was just a reference as the old saying go ” if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones” or as the good book say ” he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  7. Mr. Parmanand, The country was not destroyed in 30 days. It was destroyed over the 23 years under the rule of the PPP. Don’t be so impatient. This new government has done a lot since then and you are not paying attention, because the toll subject was brought up yesterday by the Minister and they are working on it. I am a Health Consultant and I meet people who expected to be healed the natural way two days after they start a program. You remind me of those people. On the other hand, I myself have been waiting for the day when they find irregularities. So kindly have a bit of patience please.

  8. Only the finance secretary can authorised the opening and closing of bank account for all the ministries and state agencies. So why is this guy still on the job. All the permanent secretaries and their deputy should be fired immediately because they are the accounting officers, they all know about these illegal transaction. So fired all of them and put them infront the court.

  9. Shaun,
    Carl B. Greenidge became Guyana’s Finance Minister in 1983 to 1992, but Guyana’s economy was already in a massive slump by 1983. How can he be responsible for something he inherited? Next, he was the architect of Desmond Hoyte’s well-applauded Economic Recovery Program (ERP), which Bharrat Jagdeo benefited from as Guyana started on the road to recovery.
    Greenidge was accused by Jagdeo of fraud in obtaining his Bel Air Park home, but can Jagdeo say where he got money from to build both his mansions at Goedverwagting and at Pradoville II?
    Can Jagdeo say where did best friend Bobby Ramroop get money from to buy New GPC and Sanata Complex, even though Ramroop’s Queens Atlantic II recorded for consecutive years of accounting losses, starting around 2000?
    There is o comparison between Greenidge and Jagdeo or Ashni Singh. In fact, after the PNC lost in 1992, Greenisdge served as General Secretary of the ACP group of nations then as a negotiator with Caricom. After Jagdeo left office, he got some stupid post as a climate change advocate while Guyana was losing lots of trees to Baishanlin.

  10. I hope Harmon is not jumping the gun….the new regime is young, he needs to be mindful of any exuberance……already the most significant Ministers in this regime have agreed to and will continue with macro economic programs of the PPP/C… I suspect that for face saving all cannot be admitted to one shot ….so much for having responsibilities…. what would be great with President Granger and this Team before it’s impending reshuffle is that stronger law enforcement will become a reality, a proper functioning and reformed public service which the PPP/C was handicapped from implementation because of the unleashing of cries and allegations of victimization and worst yet “racism’. Harmon should apply common sense.

  11. Patience please! This is a country, it is going to take years to correct 23 years of government abuse. Please, let’s give our leader the time that he needs to regroup, please!

  12. Five more years of the PPP , they would have enough of our money to own FLORIDA,,,these ppl bad fo days

  13. Funny thing is Shaun, I highly doubt you were even born during that period and as such what you are repeating is PPP propaganda. Try to get your facts straight. The PPP tried to enact the ERP, which Greenidge started, but they did not know how to do it and as such things went sour. It is the PPP who raped our country for 23 years. Stop with this PNC psychobabbling nonsense.

  14. Shaun please!!! THIEF is not even good enough to use for what is yet to be unearthed, These PPP/ criminals make SADAM look like the pope, PLEASE!! You will be in the line outside CAMP street JAIL soon,,,,what is your tour of duty? breakfast lunch or you ate the dinner boy,,,

  15. It would be very disturbing what your investigations will turn up at the GPL Inc.. The Deputy Chief Executive Officer -Finance and his 40 thieves are the chief of all stealing and mismanagement of the GPL accounts, it will be shocking very shocking when you guys make your move hurry hurry hurry


  17. Well obviously you are engaging in the traditional mendacity that has become main virtue of the PPP and its sycophants. It was Greenidge who organized the debt forgiveness programs that benefited the PPP, and who was responsible for turning the Guyana economy around where it was growing at 6% until the PPP came in and began their whole scale looting.

    But of course, you probable got a dime or two, so we understand that you are just earning your keep. So sorry that the spigot got turned off last month, and you now can no longer look forward to those outlays. See Yah!!!!

  18. Emili , i am sure you enjoyed the speech the Mr, Carl Greenidge give so elegantly and passionate yesterday to the 11th Parliament. now did you know the Mr. Carl Greenidge under the then PNC government which is a major player in the APNU bankrupt Guyana?, also i am sure you are aware that he as finance minister did just what the former government did and worst, but no one called him a thief nor no one single out just how many old crooks are sitting in Parliament.

  19. Like many Guyanese i would love to see a competent auditor like Ram and McRae to audit Guysuco. When this starting! For me my patience is running thin these ppl must not be able to get away with the shame they brought on all Guyana.
    Mr President you have to accelerate… Mr Harmond’s , he cant be sleeping in the first 100 days!! In Fact we ALL all waking with him and helping him.
    Love you guys without a doubt.
    Let the audits roll!!!
    What ever happened to the first item in the 100 days plan is anyone guess. We need an update item by item… The berbice bridge toll…it must go. 26 days past and nothing happening.
    I voted for the Colation because i believe that they can and will make our university the pride of the nation and the Caribbean. A watching!!

  20. lock them up,we need to set an example, no one is above the law, build a seperate
    prison for them, a cell, and a mat,no bed, and a bowl,for thier food, toal confinemnt, , and 2hs in the yard 10 hrs, no tv, no reading materials, and tey will revel so much, you get good picture, after a few years,loose them, the are banned for life from holding public office

  21. Listen up PPP soups the new government has found private accounts and jail will be coming. Prepare your selves, however I would want their ill gotten homes and cars also taken.

  22. The Office of the President needs to be audited too because it was a financial hub for several agencies, namely the Civil Defence Commission.

  23. This is yet another reason to stop begging the PPP to engage in inclusive governance or join the coalition government.

    In fact, this is one of the things the majority want this coalition regime to seriously address: acts of theft!


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