UPDATE: No fatality this morning during Day Two of prison riot – see names of 17 prisoners who died yesterday


By Kristen Macklingam

The 17 prisoners who died in yesterday’s deadly riot have been identified as Andrew Philander, Sherwin Trotman, Latchman Partap, Aaron Eastman, Randolph Marques, Kirk Clarke, Hilary Amos, Rohan Teekaram, Anthony Primo, Rayon Paddy, Clifton Joseph, Delroy Williams, Jermain Otto, Shaka McKenzie, Chetram Dwarandat, Asraf Mohamed and Richard Hubbard.

And as the rioting by prisoners continue at the Camp Street jail early this morning, INews understands that at least six inmates along with a prison officer were moments ago rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for emergency medical attention.

INews was told that the prison officer succumbed to his wounds following a severe head injury which he received this morning when he and the rowdy prisoners clashed as today’s rioting acts began around 06:34 hrs this morning. However, INews was able to confirm that the officer was just injured and is, luckily, alive.

Some of the prisoners managed to set fire to one of the buildings in the Prison compound and were able to escape their cells and climb to the roof of the lockups.

Meanwhile a few others were in the jail yard after somehow managing to escape the confinement of their cells. As a result of this, law enforcement officials who rushed to the scene of the unrest had to use tear gas as a means of controlling the ‘outbreak’. Heavy security has been deployed around the Camp Street jailhouse and the disturbances continue.

Yesterday’s protesting and rioting led to the death of 17 prisoners and five others being seriously injured and admitted to the GPHC.



  1. Since there was a change of government there is the need to have a change of prison personal as well as regulations that govern the institution.Hope that change be put in place before it gets worse.

  2. “A prison riot is an act of combined defiance or disorder by a group of inmates against the prison staff or another group of prisoners. A riot occurs when a significant number of inmates control a significant portion of a prison for a significant period of time. Prison riots can be caused by many different things, but riots are usually meant to force change within the prison or express grievance/s”.


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