Prison riot continues – as inmates threaten to ‘blow up’ Camp Street jail

File photo

In the wake of a rapidly deteriorating situation at the Camp Street Prison, inmates erupted in yet another unrest early this morning. This follows yesterday’s shocking  prison riot where 17 persons lost their lives and several others were severely injured.

INews understands that inmates are threatening to ‘blow up’ the prison, with shouts that they will light a cooking gas cylinder inside. They are also making loud noises and hurling a number of objects, including bricks, at the prison wardens.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that a fire was set to a section of the prison, as well as gunshots fired. An INews team is at the scene and we will bring you more details as they become available.





  1. Prison riot continues – as inmates threaten to ‘blow up’ Camp Street jail
    Granger should bring in the PNC Peoples Militia.
    You bet they don’t shoot not one convict..Why? Kit and Kin
    Granger deployed GDF and Militia all around Guyana in the guise of external threat. The only ones that will gobble up this crap are those whom PNC knew are dumb assess.
    Take every single living Guyanese residing in Guyana to stave off an invading army from Brazil or Venezuela and all Guyanese will be slaughtered.
    Granger knows why he encircling Guyana and that is to keep Guyanese in fear.


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