Prison unrest: Names of the 57 prisoners released early revealed


The Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan in a Department of Public Information release outlined that by virtue of Ministerial powers vested in him by the Constitution and with advice from senior prison officials, who testified to the prisoners’ character and good behaviour, he released a total of 57 prisoners within the past week.

Drone shot showing the full extent of the damage to the Georgetown Prison at Camp Street (MOTP photo)

They were released following the fire at the Camp Street Prisons which gutted the prisons last Sunday. According to the release, the men had one month or less remaining on their sentences.

A list of their names have been released and is affixed below:

List of Prisoners granted Early Release

Ser No Name of Prisoners  
1.     Kevin Allicock


2. Eloy Livan  
3.     Alvin Archer  
4.     Shivraj Hardwar  
5. Anil Orie  
6. Joseph Kellman  
7. Melroy King  
8. Sunny Viera  
9. Shamo Jones  
10. Shawn Gibson  
11. Ronald Forde  
12. Andrew Carter  
13. Jamin Maning  
14. Melroy Moore  
15. Akeem Castello  
16. Anil Cleglon  
17. Nigel Codrington  
18. Leon Duke  
19. Gerally Henry  
20. Cyril Winter  
21. Dexter Withright  
22. Iftikar Bacchus  
23. Terry Hansraj  
24. Frank Beete  
25. Fazil Rahaman  
26. Christopher Jeboo  
27. Marvin Trotman  
28. Deodat Rajkumar  
29. Adrian Fernades  
30. Gopaul Ramjattan  
31. Joshua Joseph  
32. Puran Nagaloo  
33. Christopher Niles  
34. Khemraj Persaud  
35. Maxwell Duke  
36. Anand Persaud  
37. Uray Chapell  
38. Lindon Flagious  
39. Anim Dickee  
40. Dextroy Kennedy  
41. Randy Joseph  
42. Kamal Feroze  
43. Seecharand Singh  
44. Randy  Hawker  
45. Paul Grant  
46. Damion Austin  
47. Clifton Nathniel  
48. Colin Black  
49. Daniel Butrim  
50. Sunil Sumra  
51. Sherwin Roberts  
52. Randolph Smith  
53. Oswin Lawson  
54. Ewart George  
55. Romain Chaitram  
56. Kevin Christopher  
57. Mark Bobb  




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