Prison breakout orchestrated by remand prisoners – Ramjattan

The Camp Street prisons on fire
  • calls for citizens to support Joint Services

 Amid reports of multiple prison breaks, a major fire at the Camp Street prison and exchanges of gun fire between armed services and escaped Camp Street prisoners who fled to Buxton, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan is calling for calm and support from members of the public to law men.

Pending an emergency Sunday evening Security Council meeting that would involve Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels, where a more definitive strategy and more information would be made available, Ramjattan posited that the break out was most likely orchestrated by remand prisoners who were calling for early trials.

Assuring that security and more fire tenders would be provided, Ramjattan pleaded with members of the public to avoid the area.









“It is an extremely unfortunate situation that has developed. We are all very concerned as government ministers. We treat it as an extraordinarily serious situation. We are trying to get the prison under control. That’s a priority.”

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

According to Ramjattan, however, some of the efforts were hindered by the prisoners. But he assured that the situation was being brought under control and that they were praying for a timely resolution.

“We are presently with the joint services removing the prisoners to Lusignan prison as we speak, also to bring some of them to the building outside on the West Side of the prison,” he said.

“Stay away from the roads, because indeed we would need those roads for the water tenders and police vehicles. And we need lights, so we are going to (move) some of the flood lights from the ministry to go there.”

Ramjattan revealed that President David Granger has been briefed and has outlined the strategies already being employed. According to the Minister, a more intensive strategy will be formulated.  (More details/updates forthcoming)





  1. I am tired of Ramjattan and his shit. The prisoners are frustrated with everything. They were told they will have early trials, better food, etc .. Was anything actually put in place especially after the last fire and casualties at the prison? He needs to resign, he is useless minister.

  2. These prisoners should not be using civilian clothing. They should be wearing Orange uniforms so they can be spotted easily in times like these .Money needs to be invested in Uniforms . These prisoners most likely had outside help. These smart phones should be banned from prisoners. Prisoners should not be allowed jewerly of any kind .because they can turn them out . These prisons need Scanners and more surveliance cameras. We are living in a high technology era.


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