Prime suspect arrested for murder of Charlestown resident

Michael Payne was murdered on November 11 2016

Police say they have in their custody the prime suspect, wanted in connection with the murder of Michael Payne of Drysdale Street, Charlestown.

Michael Payne was murdered on November 11 2016
Murdered: Michael Payne

According to the information provided to Inews, the suspect was arrested last night, around 20:30 hrs, in Meadow Brook Gardens, Georgetown.

Payne, 27, was gunned down on November 11 2016, in La Penitence Street, Albouystown, Georgetown, as he went to retrieve his bicycle from the yard of the now captured suspect.

It was reported that on the day prior, Payne and the suspect were engaged in a confrontation that ended with the suspect allegedly riding away with his bicycle, consequently leading to Payne entering the suspect’s premises in an attempt to retrieve the bicycle.

Payne reportedly called on the suspect and after receiving no response he decided to bang on his door. He was then shot three times – to his abdomen, chest and arm, by the suspect, who then fled the scene.



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