Jagdeo says Dharamlall’s social media posts ‘unacceptable’

Opposition Leader, Dr Bharat Jagdeo

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Opposition leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has expressed his disapproval with PPP Member of Parliament (MP) Nigel Dharamlall over his Facebook posts made against the President of Guyana, David Granger.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday at the PPP’s Freedom House headquarters in Georgetown, Dr Jagdeo lambasted Dharamlall for his posts, describing them as “unacceptable”.

Opposition Leader Dr Bharat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader Dr Bharat Jagdeo

According to the Opposition leader, any criticisms made about the mismanagement of the country should be pointed out in a wise manner, adding that it should never become personal and there are ways to address matters of importance without being hateful. 

Jagdeo stated that he has taken up the matter with Dharamlall and made his disapproval clear. As such, he noted that the fellow Parliamentarian acknowledged his wrong doings and has since “apologized to everyone for it and he has expressed contrition to me that there will be no repetition of this sort.”

PPP MP Nigel Dharamlall
PPP MP, Nigel Dharamlall

Just recently, the government condemned Dharamlall’s behaviour stating that he should be sanctioned for crossing the lines.

His posts on popular social media site Facebook were aimed at the current crime situation in Guyana among other things. 

In a post intended for President Granger, Dharamlall stated that “even though I didn’t support your party you have still been LUCKY to be installed as President of Guyana by GECOM. Since then though, your Brainlessness has been in Overdrive. Everything that comes out of your Mouth makes you sound foolish. I’m worried that people are thinking that you are a Dud…You are our President… get rid of Ramjattan…get rid of the criminals…get rid of the thieves…in and out of Government…”

The post reportedly attracted much attention from the government, with State Minister, Joseph Harmon telling media operatives that ““from what I have seen, he has crossed the line of impropriety. It was only (Friday) that we completed a program with the British and it focused also on the need for our MPs to conduct themselves in a respectful manner in and out of Parliament. This is a disgusting and highly unbecoming behavior for a sitting MP.”

Mere hours after, Dharamlall issued a public apology on the popular social media site. His post read “Dear President #Granger I’m sure you are a thick-skinned leader…as all politicians ought to be…however, some of your supporters feel that I have been too harsh in my criticisms of you…Let us bury the hatchet…you lead the country without racial and political discrimination; without fear of the criminals; without dubious and partisan policies; without corruption; without disrespect to the Amerindians, vulnerable, elderly, youth and disadvantaged AND I shall steer clear of you…To you and your supporters #MyApology for the unwarranted things I earlier posted that may have caused you harm… ONE LOVE!!!”

However, this morning, he again updated his post on Facebook where he stated among other things that “the most blatant acts of #corruption and pilfering from the #NationalTreasury have been occurring since #Granger was installed as President and yet, not a single member or supporter of PNC and AFC has condemned these acts…At the same time, Granger is being promoted as a reclusive, dignified, unifying statesman…From our standpoint, the President is aloof, out-of-touch and incompetent… #FreeSpeech ONE LOVE!!!”


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