Prime Minister to appoint Special Liaison Officer to address concerns in Region 6


Some of the residents during the meeting. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the residents during the meeting. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo on Saturday, September 05 announced that his government is serious about development across the country and that systems are being put in place to accommodate such.

Nagamootoo made the announcement at the first community outreach meeting at Whim Village Corentyne which was hosted by the office of the Prime Minister.

The outreach aimed to address social issues faced by Berbicians and included representatives from the Guyana Power and Light, the Guyana Water Incorporated, National Insurance Scheme and Ministry of Public Security.

During the outreach, the Prime Minister and his wife Seeta Nagamootoo along with Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan interacted with residents and listened to several complaints as well as praises.

At the meeting, Nagamootoo announced that he would be setting up an office in Berbice where a Special Liaison Officer from his office will listen to complaints and channel it to the respective ministries. It was not announced as to how soon the office would be established.

However, the Prime Minister explained to the audience that, “We are elected to serve you, to attend to your problems, to attend to your needs…we are your servants,” hence the reason for setting up the office and for complaints to be addressed in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, Nagamootoo officially announced that Dr. Veerasammy Ramayya would be taking the position as the Regional Executive officer. He stated that Ramayya always indicated that he wanted to work for the people of Berbice.

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo

“I had offered him the Prime Minister Representative but I realised that might limit him… Now he is the REO and he can do more he is put in a position to deliver and we will ensure that he delivers, because our government is committed to action; the time for words are behind us,” he added.

At this point, Nagamootoo told residents of region 6 that the regional administration is equipped with $260 million to improve the infrastructure in the region.

“You need better roads, better streets, better drainage, bridges, and burial grounds and you should pressure them to deliver” he said to an loud applause from the crowd.

Turing his attention to the Opposition, Nagamootoo announced that his government is willing to engage in talks with the leadership of the Opposition.

“We want them to enter into talks with us, where we can cooperate on many of the things we can do for Guyana. We cannot avoid the PPP! [The] PPP has received fair chunks of the votes from the elections. They are a creditable opposition,” Nagamootoo stated.

He added that due to the fact that both political parties have their differences, they all have Guyana at heart and they should be willing to put the differences aside and deal with issues that are affecting Guyana and work together.

It “is time for action! It is time to pay attention to our people,” Nagamootoo declared.


  1. This Special Liaison Officer should be educated, mature and possessed of sound judgment. No room for trouble making, news carrying, name talking hacks.

  2. Well done Mr. Prime Minister another from the cabal tribe to get another big boy for another job, what you call this man!!!!!!!!

  3. Lol. Perhaps both. This is one pompous idiot. A man that has lust for power to the point whereby he is power hungry.

  4. “We are elected to serve you, to attend to your problems, to attend to your needs…we are your servants,” hence the reason for setting up the office and for complaints to be addressed in a timely manner. Naga man has absolute no shame period to say “we are elected” Elected yes but not by the Guyanese people.

  5. Naga how can you put a herbal doctor as the reo, this man , ramaya cannot speak properly how can he handle the accounts work. any ways you guys are all brain less.

  6. Bravo. Communication is your ‘forte’; you understand the plight and needs of Region 6 too, more than many. APNU/AFC are on the right track. Cooperation is necessary to move the country forward. Best wishes to everyone.


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